[Recap] Leafs 5 at NYR 2: Superman Wears Antropov Pajamas

[Ed.'s Note: I had a previous commitment that kept me from witnessing Antro's heroic's which, seeing as I am probably his biggest supporter, was devastating. However, I recruited Godd Till from Cox Bloc to give you the recapping goodness that you expect. Thanks for taking over the duties!]

Your regular correspondent was unavailable so this recap of another Leafs victory in their relentless march towards the first of eight Stanley Cups is a Godd Till Joint.

One of Don Cherry's favourite hobby horses to beat us over the head with Saturday nights is "the shot's always a good play." Well, it certainly was tonight.

The first period was a microcosm of the Leafs early season form. Two quick goals by Matty Stajan and Mats, followed by some extended PP incompetence, and then they took the rest of the period off. Except Woz.

After Mr Magoo had allowed the Rangers to get back into it with a Girardi goal, he called another seemingly soft penalty. Make-A-Wish, on the penalty kill for some reason, ran over Toskala, allowing Tyutin to tie it up. It never made any sense to ever put him out there in the first place and even less so with Kubina back.

Fortunately, in the second period, a couple things happened. The Leafs continued to score on every second shot and Antro took over the game.

Seems as if the Leafs have found the solution to their PP problems as the decision to park the big man with the great hands in front of the net paid off with two tipped goals for his first hat trick since his rookie year.

Lundqvist was chased after two, but Valiquette could do no better, and the Leafs skated away with a 6-2 win. Not the greatest game but props to the boys for bouncing back from the first period meltdown to win going away.

BTW, I listened to this action on AM 640. The three best commercials:

  1. "The network's down? What am I paying you for?" Yeah, that boss gets respect. And what's with the company prez using the terrorist voice modifier? I guess he always dreamed of being a robot.
  2. Monaghan Lumber... KING OF THE WOODS!! Peterborough represent! Seriously, does the TO audience really drive 90 minutes to get lumber?
  3. "Oh I guess these vans are really crappy, with lots of miles on them, eh?"

"No way eh, take off Wendel! They're top of the line vehicles with less than 65 000KM!" Wendel completes his hat trick of outstandingly hilarious commercials, right up there with the Chunky Soup ads and "Good book, eh?"

Next up, the Bruins running out the clock like they're Sparta Piestany FC tied 0-0 with Arsenal. I know what I'll be doing... is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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