From the Mouth of El Cox

Some of the highlights from Coxie’s “live” blog from the game last night (he only blogged during intermissions and at the end of the game).

Well, that’s what Pavel Kubina gets for being such a generous fellow.

He gave up No. 31, the jersey number he wore last year in training camp…

For that good karma, Kubina was rewarded with the first Leaf goal of the season, a lovely gift from Detroit goalie Chris Osgood

Translation: Karma scored the goal after Osgood gave it to him, not Kubina. No credit to either Kubina or the great effort he put into the goal.

Leaf rookie Luke Schenn looked composed and confident…
Instead of panicking or diving at Kopecky, Schenn went down on one knee to calmly cut off Kopecky’s passing option and Vesa Toskala easily handled the backhand shot.

Translation: Schenn did all game what he did all pre-season.

Wilson is off to the start he never could have imagined as Leaf head coach.

I have issues with this statement. The game I saw last night was exactly the game that Wilson envisioned and wanted, his guys played hard, played consistently, put together a fantastic passing game, transited back and forth between defense and attack smoothly and basically everyone contributed and played with their heart and soul on their sleeves. Perhaps the only thing that happened that may have exceeded Wilson’s expectations was the 2 points and the win, but if he’s a man of his words, he doesn’t care so much about that.

Time to give Leaf fans some credit. While it’s easy to pick on them for exulting too wildly over a three-game winning streak and continuing to live and die with a franchise that has disappointed for 41 years, beating the Red Wings 3-2 on opening night Thursday didn’t produce a wave of “I-told-you-so” emails and “We’re gonna win the Cup” voice mails.

LOL. Cox, everyone’s been pounding our expectations to levels of non-existence, yourself included, and now you’re padding our backs for not doing a 180 based off a single win? I am beginning to think this man sees us as nothing more then a bunch of special-needs children.

Leaf fans know what this season is probably going to feel like, and after weeks of being told by not only the media but Leaf management that the season is likely to be miserable, they seemed to accept beating the Wings as simply a good sign and a solid achievement.

WTF? How condescending can you be?

So enjoy it Leaf fans. You’re allowed.

Fuck. You.

white jerseys that are so much more attractive than the dreadful t-shirts they usually wear on the road had to be a nice change of pace for those who like this hockey club.

Oh c’mon, can’t find anyone to pick apart so you gotta go after their jerseys now…

There’s obvious holes in the lineup that aren’t going to go away.

We wish you’ll go away.

Everybody looked good Thursday night, and there aren’t going to be many nights like that.


So enjoy last night, Leaf fans, and if you want, feel like there’s a tiny light at the end of this tunnel.

No ifs, ands or buts. No qualifying phrases or suggestions that it won’t last.

Just enjoy.

Wow, what a douchebag. Every compliment he had for the players felt forced and very tongue-in-cheek, and what the hell is up with the sarcastic and condescending compliments of Leaf fans that felt more like a mockery? I knew he was a jerk but that was just incredible. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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