Leaf of the Day - Oct 30, 2008 - Terry Martin

Oct 30, 2008 - Terry Martin

I actually really liked Terry Martin as a player.  He skated fast, worked hard, could hit some, knew what he was doing defensively yet could still chip in with a bit of offense.  He was one of those guys who was probably a fourth-liner on a good team, but on the lousy Leaf teams he played on, could assume a bigger role and put a few points on the board.

He'd have fit Ron Wilson's team like a glove, probably playing alongside someone like Dominic Moore.

Terry got what should have been a real break - he missed out on the last-place '84-85 Leaf team because he was picked up by - tough luck - the Edmonton Oilers.  He didn't get to play much, though.  Four games as an Oiler and then it was a career spent mainly in the minors with various teams.  (The Oilers would later pick up a guy who couldn't make Toronto's defense and play him a ton - guy by the name of Craig Muni.  Off-topic, but that still irks me.)



1972-73      London Knights      OHA-Jr.      59      17      22      39      25                              
1973-74     London Knights     OHA-Jr.     63     33     24     57     38                        
1974-75     London Knights     OMJHL     70     43     57     100     118                        
1975-76     Buffalo Sabres     NHL     1     0     0     0     0     0                    
1975-76     Charlotte Checkers     SHL     25     12     10     22     30         9     2     3     5     2
1975-76     Hershey Bears     AHL     19     3     6     9     18                        
1976-77     Buffalo Sabres     NHL     62     11     12     23     8     +6     3     0     2     2     5
1976-77     Hershey Bears     AHL     12     1     4     5     12                        
1977-78     Buffalo Sabres     NHL     21     3     2     5     9     -1     8     2     0     2     5
1977-78     Hershey Bears     AHL     4     2     1     3     2                        
1978-79     Buffalo Sabres     NHL     64     6     8     14     33     -17                    
1979-80     Quebec Nordiques     NHL     3     0     0     0     0     -5                    
1979-80     Syracuse Firebirds     AHL     18     9     9     18     6                        
1979-80     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     37     6     15     21     2     +6     3     2     0     2     7
1979-80     New Brunswick Hawks     AHL     3     0     1     1     0                        
1980-81     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     69     23     14     37     32     +15     3     0     0     0     0
1981-82     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     72     25     24     49     39     -18                    
1982-83     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     76     14     13     27     28     -29     4     0     0     0     9
1983-84     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     63     15     10     25     51     -8                    

1984-85     Edmonton Oilers     NHL     4     0     2     2     0     +3                    
1984-85     Nova Scotia Oilers     AHL     28     17     11     28     4                        
1984-85     Minnesota North Stars     NHL     7     1     1     2     0     0                    
1985-86     Springfield Indians     AHL     72     19     22     41     17                        
1986-87     Newmarket Saints     AHL     72     8     7     15     8                        
1987-88     Toronto Marlboros     OHL                                            
Leaf Totals     317    83    76    159    152    -34    10    2    0    2    16
NHL Totals     479     104     101     205     202     -48    21     4     2     6     26

- Claimed by Quebec from Buffalo in Expansion Draft, June 13, 1979.
- Traded to Toronto by Quebec with Dave Farrish for Reg Thomas, December 13, 1979.
- Claimed by Edmonton from Toronto in Waiver Draft, October 9, 1984.

- Traded to Minnesota by Edmonton with Gord Sherven for Mark Napier, January 24, 1985.

the hhof take on Terry:  (sounds like they had two articles and merged them poorly)

As a junior with the London Knights of the OHA, Terry Martin had the markings of a solid NHL prospect. He had a great set of wheels, could score points, had reasonably good size, and employed a hard-hitting style at close quarters.

He was drafted 44th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 1975 Amateur Draft. He turned pro right away and thus embarked on a five-year round of musical sweaters. During that time, he adapted his game to a more defensive style of play. This allowed him to fit in, from time to time, as a spot player on the Sabres' third and fourth lines. Between big-league showings, he put in minor-pro time with the Charlotte Checkers and the Hershey Bears.

In 1979-80, Martin was claimed in the Expansion Draft that brought the Quebec Nordiques into the NHL. He lasted only three games with the club before his demotion to the minors. Eighteen games later, he was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team of his childhood dreams.

As a lad growing up in nearby Barrie, the Leafs were always his team of choice. And in the early going, he raised his game to the occasion, scoring 138 points over the four seasons he sported the Blue and White. By 1983-84, however, he began to get conflicting messages from the club's management. They wanted him to place greater emphasis on his defensive assignments; but they complained that his scoring totals were in decline. Martin stretched himself to compliance in the best way he could until his trade papers were served during the off season, directing him to the Edmonton Oilers.

With his new organization, he played primarily with the Cape Breton Oilers of the AHL. After about 25 games, he got wind of Edmonton's plans to call him back to the NHL. But a shoulder injury knocked him out of the lineup and nixed any plans for his return to the top.

He was subsequently traded to the Minnesota North Stars where his lot showed little improvement. He appeared in only seven games to complete the season - his last in the NHL. From there he descended to the AHL where he played one year with the Springfield Indians and a second with the Newmarket Saints before retiring in 1987.

**** (bit of a natural break here - I think this is where they merged the texts - ed) ****

Originally drafted from the London Knights, Martin played his first NHL game with the Sabres during the 1975-76 season. During the next three seasons, Martin jumped between the parent club and their AHL affiliate in Hershey. When Quebec's Nordiques were introduced to the NHL in 1979, they plucked Terry from the Sabres in the Expansion Draft. Just before Christmas 1979, Quebec traded Terry Martin to Toronto, and he settled in nicely with the Leafs, being utilized as a checking forward with offensive talent. He scored 23 goals with the Leafs in 1980-81, followed by 25 the next season. But the next two seasons saw Martin score 14 and 15 goals, respectively, and he was left unprotected in 1984's Waiver Draft, where Edmonton chose the Barrie, Ontario native.

Martin played just four games with the Oilers, spending most of the autumn of 1984 in the AHL before Edmonton traded Martin and Gord Sherven to Minnesota for Mark Napier. Getting into just seven games with the North Stars, Martin spent the next two seasons in the minors before he hung up his sweater for good. But that didn't mean Terry Martin left hockey. No, he chose a career in coaching, starting with the OHL Toronto Marlboros in 1987-88. For many years, Terry Martin coached in the Buffalo organization.


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