Leaf of the Day - Dec 5-7, 2008 - Greg Terrion

Dec 5-7, 2008 - Greg Terrion

The very first NHL game I ever went to was a Leafs-Capitals game (clash of the titans) at MLG during the 1983-84 season.  Somewhere or other I still have about a dozen pictures taken with an instamatic camera showing a number of specs that can be identified - under magnification - as hockey players, though it isn't dead clear what any of them are doing.

The view in real life, though, was much better than my camera allowed and I can still see Dale McCourt and Dave Hutchison skating around in the warmup, and remember that the first Leaf goal I saw in person was scored by Peter Ihnacak.

The biggest memories of that night, though, belong to Greg Terrion.  At one point, he had the Washington defense beat and was heading in on a clear-cut breakaway.  The defender hooked him around the neck and pulled back hard enough that Terrion snapped back and landed flat on his back with his feet in the air.

No call.

The following period, Terrion was leading a dangerous-looking 2-on-1 into the Washington zone.  As he crossed in front of the Washington bench, a player jumped off the bench, cross-checked Terrion in the head and broke up the play.


This time there WAS a call.  Washington was penalized for having too many men on the ice.

Greg Terrion was sort of an unsung penalty killer and checker on the Leafs teams pretty much throughout the 80's.  He got there just as things really fell apart and then left just before things started to get interesting again. 

Through it all, though, he was a great skater and tireless worker.  Plus he was nicknamed "Tubby," which is something you always look for in a hockey player.  :)



1976-77      Belleville Bulls      OHA-B      20      15      17      32                                   
1977-78     Hamilton Fincups     OMJHL     64     11     30     41     43         20     4     5     9     26
1978-79     Brantford Alexanders     OMJHL     59     27     28     55     48                        
1979-80     Brantford Alexanders     OMJHL     67     44     78     122     13         11     4     7     11     12
1980-81     Los Angeles Kings     NHL     73     12     25     37     99     -1     3     1     0     1     4
1981-82     Los Angeles Kings     NHL     61     15     22     37     23     -12                    
1982-83     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     74     16     16     32     59     -3     4     1     2     3     2
1982-83     New Haven Nighthawks     AHL     4     0     1     1     7                        
1983-84     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     79     15     24     39     36     -6                    
1984-85     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     72     14     17     31     20     -15                    
1985-86     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     76     10     22     32     31     -5     10     0     3     3     17
1986-87     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     67     7     8     15     6     -5     13     0     2     2     14
1987-88     Toronto Maple Leafs     NHL     59     4     16     20     65     -6     5     0     2     2     4

1987-88     Newmarket Saints     AHL     4     1     3     4     6                        
1988-89     Newmarket Saints     AHL     60     15     34     49     64         4     0     1     1     2
Leaf Totals     427    66    103    169    217    -40    32    1    9    10    37
NHL Totals     561     93     150     243     339     -53    35     2     9     11     41

- Traded to Toronto by Los Angeles for Toronto's 4th round choice (later traded to Detroit - Detroit selected David Korol) in 1983 Entry Draft, October 19, 1982.

the HHOF take on Tubby:

Greg Terrion was a talented left-winger whose quickness made him useful as a checker and offensive player. He played nearly 600 games in the 1980s and was a well-liked figure by his peers.

Born in Marmora, Ontario, Terrion played junior with the Hamilton Fincups and Brantford Alexanders. After scoring 122 points for Brantford in 1980, he was picked 33rd overall by the L.A. Kings at the Entry Draft. "Tubby" scored 37 points as a rookie playing with Jim Fox and Steve Jensen and duplicated this output as a sophomore.

The hard-working forward joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1982-83 and played six seasons with the club. He was a solid defensive player whose quickness and smarts made him useful on both specialty teams. The crafty veteran often worked effectively on the same line as Bill Harris and Terry Martin or Stewart Gavin and Bill Derlago.

Terrion's checking and upbeat personality helped Toronto come within a game of reaching the semi-finals in 1986 and 1987. He retired in 1989 after playing 60 games with the Newmarket Saints of the AHL.


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