Leafs 4 v. senators 2: Awesome

Even though we have agreed that the Leafs are supposed to lose their remaining games it was certainly nice of them to treat us to a win over the senators. If they had done that more often over the past two seasons they might have made the playoffs but that's neither here nor there.

Robbie Earl made a great debut and made a good impression with his hustle. He topped it off with a beauty spinarama pass to Colaiacovo for the eventual game-winning goal and his first NHL point. Dominic Moore picked up his first goal as a Leaf as well as an assist. It was a justified reward for the hard work he has put in every shift since he arrived.

Ray Emery looked absolutely horrible and was fighting the puck all night. Leafs fans can sleep tight in the knowledge that his collapse coupled with the sens absolutely embarrassing 'secondary' scoring will torpedo any shot at making it to the Finals again. With Alfie and Heatley out of the lineup Spezza showed that he's not quite a $7M player when the latter isn't there to finish his lazy drop passes. Toothless is the one word that can describe the sens offence minus their skipper and Heatley. While the Leafs' checking line was setting up the game-winning goal the sens managed only 9 shots through two periods and had their lowest total (20) in a game this year. Awesome.

Oh, and the Leafs not only scored a powerplay goal but they didn't pick up a penalty. Yeah, it was a strange night all around.

To brighten up your morning, especially if David Tyree ruined your Sunday evening, here are some reactions from senators bloggers:

Sherry, Scarlett Ice

It's not the time to panic. Even with Montreal breathing down our necks, threatening our lead and thereby discounting our hot start there's still time. Alfie will be back soon. Heatley will be back soon. The universe has kicked the Senators' self-righteous ass and we'll be back to our regular scheduled programming in no time.

If not, there's always alcoholic pudding.

Senators Lost Cojones, Five For Smiting

So, to recap: He can't convince anybody not named "Alfredsson" or "Heatly" to score, his bench management is atrocious, he can't show our guys how to stop the other team from scoring, and he's single handedly destroyed both of our goalies. How much more do you need to see Bryan?

DC in YOW, Battle of Ontario

Paddock better be trying to figure out how to roll 2 lines of Fish-Fish-Fish and Fish-Fish-Fish.

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