Leafs Trade History 99-Present Part 1

As promised in my last post,  I’ve gone back and compiled a hopefully complete record of all Leaf trades going back to the Pat Quinn era, summarizing the picks and players moved by each of the GMs.  So join me for a fun/ interesting/ painful walk down memory lane!   A word of warning though– the factual and fancy chart content of this post is very high.  Proceed with caution. 


Despite my best efforts, I’m sure there’s a trade or 2 that I’ve missed somewhere.  If you can think of any, please let me know and I’ll update this.  Special thanks to Bitter Leaf Fan who had previously compiled a list of Quinn and JFJ transactions, which saved me a few of hours of info-gathering at least. And to and   How did people remember stuff before the internet?   Oh, that's right, they didn't.  They just made it up.


And I'm not trying to be dramatic with a 2-part series here.  There seems to be a maximum words/charts per post, which I clearly hit.


UPDATE:  I attempted to update this post, reflecting the 4 or 5 trades that I missed in my initial one, but the additional transactions have proven too much for the sbnation platform to handle, and I'm too lazy to try to figure it out.  If you're interested in the truth, you can download the full file here:

The chart below shows the details of every Leaf trade beginning with the Pat Quinn era, including the picks involved and who was later chosen with those picks.  (If there's a different team than the one involved in the trade listed besides a drafted player, that means the pick was subsequently traded).  It’s only in approximate chronolgical order, my apologies.   Take a moment to soak it all in, and then read on for some further analysis...

GM Toronto traded to Toronto Received
Quinn Felix Potvin, 1999 6th (Fedor Fedorov - TBay) NYI Bryan Berard, 1999 6th (Jan Sochor)
Quinn Sylvain Cote CHI 2001 2nd (Karel Pilar)
Quinn Jason Podollan, 1999 3rd (Cory Campbell) LA Yanic Perreault
Quinn 2000 2nd (Ivan Huml) BOS Dimitri Khristich
Quinn Alexander Karpovtsev, 2001 4th (Vladimir Gusev) CHI Bryan McCabe
Quinn Dany Markov PHX Robert Reichel, Travis Green, Craig Mills
Quinn Mike Johnson, Marek Pomsyk, 2000 5th (Pavel Sedov) and 6th (Aaron Gionet) MON Darcy Tucker, 2000 4th (Miguel Delisle)
Quinn Frederik Modin TB Cory Cross, 2001 7th (Ivan Kolozvary)
Quinn Adam Mair, 2001 2nd (Mike Cammaleri) LA Aki Berg
Quinn Todd Warriner TB 2000 3rd (Mikael Tellqvist)
Quinn Igor Korolev CHI 2001 3rd (Nicolas Corbeil)
Quinn 2003 4th (Kevin Nastiuk) CAR Tom Barrasso
Quinn Dimitri Yuskevich FLA Robert Svehla
Quinn Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes, 2003 1st (Mark Stuart - Boston) SJ Owen Nolan
Quinn 2003 6th (Mark Flood) MON Doug Gilmour
Quinn 2004 2nd (Kyle Wharton - Columbus) CAR Glen Wesley
Quinn Rights to Kris Vernarsky BOS Ric Jackman
JFJ Ric Jackman PIT Drake Berehowsky
JFJ Tukka Rask BOS Andrew Raycroft
JFJ Ken Klee NJ Alexander Suglobov
JFJ Nathan Perrot DAL 2006 6th (Leo Komarov)
JFJ 2006 5th (Nick Sucharski) CLB Luke Richardson
JFJ 2006 4th (Reto Berra - St Louis) CAR Jeff O'Neill
JFJ Maxim Kondratiev, Jarko Immonen, 2004 1st (Kris Chucko - Calgary),  2005 2nd (Michael Sauer) NYR Bryan Leetch, 2004 4th (Roman Kukumberg)
JFJ 2005 4th (Jared Boll - Columbus) CAR Ron Francis
JFJ Mikael Tellqvist PHX Tyson Nash, 2007 4th (Matt Frattin)
JFJ Brendan Bell, 2008 2nd (Roman Josi - NSH) PHX Yanic Perreault, 2008 5th (Joel Champagne)
JFJ 2007 1st (Lars Eller) and 2nd (Aaron Palushaj), 2009 4th SJ Vesa Toskala, Mark Bell
Cliff Hal Gill PIT 2008 2nd (Jimmy Hayes);  2009 5th (traded)
Cliff Wade Belak FLA 2008 5th (Jerome Flaake)
Cliff Chad Kilger FLA 2008 3rd (traded)
Cliff 2008 3rd (from fla - James Livingston) STL Jamal Mayers
Cliff 2009 5th (from pitt) NYR Ryan Hollweg
Cliff 2008 1st (Colin Wilson) and 3rd (Shawn Lalonde), 2009 2nd NYI 2008 1st (Luke Schenn)
Cliff Bryan McCabe; 2010 4th FLA Mike VanRyn
Cliff Greg Pateryn; 2010 2nd MON Mikhail Grabovski
Cliff Carlo Colaiccovo, Alex Steen STL Lee Stempniak
Burke Conditional 2010 6th ANA Brad May

So those are the sordid details, here’s a quick summary of each GM's +/- in terms of traded draft picks during their tenure:

GM Picks in Picks Out Net Loss
Quinn 6 11 -5
JFJ 4 9 -5
Cliff 5 7 -2
Burke 0 1 -1
TOTAL 15 28 -13

So that’s 15 in and 28 out, for a net loss of 13 draft picks over the last 4 GMs / 9 years.   Jesus, that does sound like a lot, doesn’t it?   In any event, the chart below shows how many picks were moved in each draft year by each GM: 

In..                         Out…                      
GM 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 TOT 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 TOT
Quinn 1 1 3 1 6 2 2 3 3 1 11
JFJ 1 1 1 1 4 1 2 2 2 1 1 9
Cliff 4 1 5 3 2 2 7
Burke 0 1 1
TOTAL 1 1 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 5 1 0 15 2 2 3 0 3 2 2 2 2 4 3 3 28

OK...It would appear that I've hit the fancy chart per post max, so I'll be continuing this analysis in a second post.  Stay tuned... is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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