NNN: Leaf Blowers

The NNN stands for the Negative Nancy Notebook, where we respond to articles written about the Leafs. Today's NNN title refers to the Leafs blowing leads, not the nubile coeds that would love to keep Luke Schenn awake all night.


From the Star:

That put Toronto up 3-1 after two periods. But it didn't take long for the Leafs to start resembling their more recent selves, the version that has trouble protecting leads. That team showed up in the third, taking four consecutive penalties and allowing the Bruins to score on two of them, sending the game into overtime.

Actually the Leafs look like the 2007-2008 Leafs, aka the "Comeback Kids" for all the wrong reasons. They're blowing leads like it's the 70s and sodomy laws just came off the books. In the past four games the Leafs have gone 1-1-2. One of those games they got shut out at home (ouch). In the other three, the Leafs had a great start to the game followed by a Three Stooges-esque third period. In the win against Carolina, Toronto took a 4-0 lead almost to the end of the second period, when Carolina made it 4-1. Over a span of seven shots from the end of the second through the third, Toskala let in four goals to tie the game, before Tomas Kaberle took a weak shot Cam "Literally the Greatest Goaltender Ever in the History of the League Ever, Seriously Forget Brodeur, Roy, Sawchuk, Potvin All Those Guys Were Scrubs Compared to Cam 'My Nickname is so Long and Awesome It Has Its Own Nickname In Single Quotes Inside' Ward" Ward had  hit him in the glove, bend his glove hand over and go in the net. That's the Leafs one win.

In the other loss, Toronto put up three goals in the first against Atlanta, before ending regulation tied at three and obviously losing in OT when Ian White decided that covering a man wasn't important. No biggie. I think this needs a summation.

Game Blown Lead Score at End 3rd Final Result
CAR 4-0 in 2nd 6-4 Win (Somehow)
ATL 3-0 in 1st 3-3 OT Loss
CAR 0-0 0-2 Loss
BOS 3-1 in 3rd 3-3 SO Loss

Honestly at the end of the third if it's tied the Leafs should just pull their goalie and hope to lose. The pity point doesn't help Toronto get Tavares or a playoff spot.

I can't even talk about that anymore I'm going to pop a vein in my eyes and end up bleeding to death while geysers of my blood spray out in a comical manner.

SBNation's own Stanley Cup of Chowder, a fellow Masshole, had this to say about the night:

With the Bruins trailing 2-1 in the shootout, Claude Julien looked to Providence call-up Matin St. Pierre to extend the shootout. St. Pierre showed the composure of a veteran by beating Vesa Toskala and keeping the B's chances alive. After Tim Thomas stoned Nikolai Kulemin, it was all up to Michael Ryder to clinch the game for the Bruins. Ryder skated in and fired a wrist shot, beating Toskala top shelf for the game winner.

Vesa Toskala's lifetime shootout save percentage is so low it can' t be expressed with rational numbers. I'd make an "i" joke here but we should all stay on target and remember that Vesa Toskala could get deked out of his pants by a guy on cross country skis.

Enough with the third jerseys. If you wear them all the time, they are no longer special.

To be honest the Bruins' third jerseys are kinda cool, and are the only team besides Toronto with three jerseys that don't make me want to vomit.

Entering tonight's game, Michael Ryder was 1 for 11 on shootout attempts.

Toronto: letting struggling opponents find their game since 2006.(TM)


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