Did somebody just trade another draft pick??? Remain calm.

Editor's Note: Dauost takes a look at the draft picks that have been moved by Cliff Fletcher and Brian Burke in the upcoming entry drafts. It even has a nice chart.

There's been a lot of talk lately about all those sweet, sweet draft picks the Leafs can't seem to stop trading away.  It's like there's a sickness that afflicts all Leafs GMs and there's no known cure.  In reading blogs and forums though, it's pretty clear no one really seems to know what's been gained or lost in the post-JFJ era, so I thought I'd take a stab at sorting it out myself.   Is this a throwback to the long ago days of trading away multiple picks for aging vets like Owen Nolan, Brian Leetch, and Vesa Toskala (ok, that wasn't so long ago)?   Or was old Cliffy more prudent than he's getting credit for?   I wonder...

The chart below shows all of the transactions (I think) since JFJ was fired, but here's a summary of what picks were gained and lost in the 2008-2010 drafts...

2008 draft --- 3 picks in - 2 out = up 1 for 2008 (2nd, used for Jimmy Hayes)

2009 draft --- 1 pick in - 2 out = down 1 for 2009 (2nd, used to upgrade to Schenn)  NOTE: 4th round pick in 09 was also traded away as part of the Toskala trade (along with the 1st and 2nd in 07 --- well played JFJ).

2010 draft --- 0 in - 3 out = down 3 for 2010 (2nd, Grabovski trade; 4th, McCabe trade; Conditional 6th, May trade)

OVERALL --- 4 picks in, 7 out --- down 3 for 2008-2010 (down 2 on Cliff's watch, 1 on Burke's)

So 'net-net', Cliff cost us 2 draft picks.  He got us apparent duds Hollweg and Mayers, but he also moved up to draft Schenn, got a solid young prospect in Grabovski, got rid of McCabe's monstrosity of a contract while bringing in a reasonable replacement, and got rid of a lot of the dead weight / dressing room problems.   Good job?  Bad job?  Discuss.

The May trade is a bit of a head-scratcher, but probably irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  I suspect Burke just didn't want to watch a bunch of lightweights for the rest of the season.  I can't blame him really.

Picks received   Picks given away  
Toronto traded Toronto Received 2008 2009 2010 Total 2008 2009 2010 Total
Hal Gill 2008 2nd;  2009 5th 2nd 5th   2       0
Wade Belak 2008 5th 5th     1       0
Chad Kilger 2008 3rd 3rd     1       0
2008 3rd (from fla) Jamal Mayers       0 3rd     1
2009 5th (from pitt) Ryan Hollweg       0   5th   1
2008 3rd, 2009 2rd, Luke Schenn       0 3rd 2nd   2
Bryan McCabe; 2010 4th Mike VanRyn       0     4th 1
Greg Pateryn; 2010 2nd Mikhail Grabovski       0     2nd 1
Carla Cola, Alex Steen Lee Stempniak       0       0
Conditional 2010 6th Brad May       0     6th 1
    3 1 0 4 2 2 3 7


Toronto used the 5th pick from the Belak trade to pick Jerome Flaake.

The Islanders had an option in the Schenn Trade:  Toronto's 2nd in 08 + 3rd in 09, or their 3rd in 08 + 2nd in 09.  They chose the latter.

For the purposes of the chart, i didn't include the swap of 1st round picks in the 08 draft. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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