Calling all Leafhaters, Trolls and other Vermin

I have often read comments on multiple sites where the main goal is to denigrate the Leafs or its fans.  I have always wondered why these people waste so much of their time (and hate) on us.  Obviously, most of these very same people would keep their mouths shut or moderate their tone if they were not anonymously posting from their bedroom (parent's basement?)

Veiled behind their hackneyed and rote ravings about '1967' and 'Plan the parade' are other, more vitriolic attempts at humour.  Although jealousy has been an over used reason for hatred, I honestly think it applies in this case.  Read on, or take off, either way I don't give a shit.  I am writing this for my benefit, not yours.


First, let me give you haters all of  your top reasons why you hate the Leafs (and, I might add, in a much more succinct, literate and descriptive manner than most of you can convey.)


1. They suck, they have sucked for years.

2. They haven't won a cup since 1967

3.  Their fans are a bunch of arrogant assholes

4.  Their organization is a joke, poorly managed on all levels.

5.  The NHL is preferential to them.

6.  The media talks about every insignificant aspect of this team ad nauseum.

7.  The fans are blind sheep and are a contributing factor to their team's woes.

And I could go on and on with a multitude of minor gripes that tend to surface... but those above are probably the most prevalent I have seen repeated over the years.

I am not going to bother trying to use logic to dispute the above claims - not because I can't but because you are too blinded by your hatred to accept my reasoning -  but I am going to try and point out the reasons why you feel you need to take a verbal/written swing at the Leafs and its fans at every opportunity.

Reasons for your Jealousy are as follows:

You are jealous of the fact we actually have a long and great history of hockey (Habs fans can ignore this one.)  The Leafs were by far the second best team pre expansion - check the history out.  Even when they weren't winning cups, they were often competing for them.  Yes yes, 6 team league blah blah... that's what history is all about.  We can go back more than 10, 20 30 or 40 years.  We Leaf fans have our history to strengthen us, many of us are uber-generational.

You are jealous of the fact that the Leafs are the most high-profile hockey team in the world.  The media spend so much time focusing on us because so many people care about - and conversely - hate the Leafs.  The fact that the Leafs are centered in the highest population density in Canada (by far) also helps to increase the coverage and scrutiny of this team.  Don't get pissed at us when your team makes page 6 of your sports section.

More players want to play for the Leafs than any other team.  Sorry, it's true.  You would really have something to hate if every player that wanted to play for the Leafs were given that opportunity.  More management/staff would rather work for the Leafs than any other team.  Obviously, only those of truly strong character would be able to put up with the media pressure and scrutiny.  It has been a while, but we again now have one guy running things and that is always better than by a committee of non hockey personnel.  I am not blowing smoke out my ass here even though I can't unequivocally prove these statements, there is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence to support my claim.

The Leafs generate more income as a team than any other.  Can't argue that one.  More people with more money want to go to games, buy Leaf paraphernalia and otherwise sport Leaf gear.  I don't think anyone needs to apologize for that.

There are more Leaf fans than fans of any other professional hockey team in the world.  I would say the Habs come in a close second, but mostly because of the Habs being so ingrained in the French/Quebecois heritage (yes I realize that there are a lot of Anglephone Habs fans, not disputing that.)  I can't prove it, but I would hazard to guess that if you took the fanbase of every NHL team outside of the original six and stacked them up to the number of Leaf fans, there would still be more Leaf fans.  In defining 'fans' I mean people who can name the majority of players on their team and watch the majority of the games every year or those who are displaced and are unable to watch still follow the team intensely.  I am not talking about the oxymoronic statement of 'casual fans.'

Update folks - 'fan' is short for 'fanatic' - no such thing as a casual fan.

Lastly, our loyalty.  Haters tend to knock us for supporting our team.  Um, isn't that what a fan is supposed to do?  How much of a fan are you if you bail when the team is doing poorly?  You are jealous because you know, deep down, that if your team had a bad run of 5 years and no championship for 40+ that most of your so-called 'fans' would bail?  Even if you feel you are a hardcore fan and you will stick with your team no matter what, can you say the same for the other fans of your team?  How many of your fellow fans will be there when times get tough?

As you can see, our fan base doesn't stop once you get out past the parking lot of the stadium.

I can understand why you think all Leaf fans are assholes.  The fact is, we have proportionally the same amount of asshole fans as any other team - It's just that since we have so many fans, it just looks like we are more assholish.

I didn't do this to change the mind of any of you haters, i know that is not possible.  Most of you are just so pathetically insecure about some aspect of your life that you feel the need to make your lame and tired jokes to try and be 'cool.'  I admit to being a bit worried about the number of you out there, but only worried insomuch as it is possible that, some day, a small portion of you might be in a position of influence some where. 

I certainly don't want any of you to be teaching my children or even walking my dog.

There is more than enough negativity in the world.  If I can get even one of you to focus some of that negativity or hatred into something positive, than this world would be a better place.

I'm not getting my hopes up.


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