PPP Phantasy Puck - Week 6 Recap

Let Week 6 be a lesson to you all that you should never vote against an Overlord, because they'll just rig the results anyways.  Last week's Random Showcase Matchup of the Week featured PPP's Benevolent Overlords against stucky's The Bill Barilkos.  Votes were 42% for PPP and 58% for stucky.

No recounts needed though as PPP sounded beat up on the poor Leafs fan stuck in Ottawa by a score of 6-2-1, with David Perron's hat trick and Marian Gaborik's shorty assist leading the way.  The Monster let down PPP posting no wins and an .800 save %, while Marty Turco's 1 win and .921 save % were the sole reason stucky got on the board last week.

Week 6 Results:

der Komisareks over Bastards of Young: 4-3-2

Datsyuk My Balls over furciferous ones: 4-2-3

The Other Vatican over leafers awesome team: 6-2-1

blindedbytheawesome over The Moustache Rides: 5-3-1

Newmarket Saints over Daoustimination: 7-1-1

Don't Call Me Burkie over GottaBeKD: 5-2-2

The Gold Standard over Ballard's Boys: 6-1-2

Sunshine on Leith DESTROYS Doan F With Phoenix: 9-ZERO-ZERO

St. Catherins Saints ties Fuzzy Bunnies: 4-4-1

Benevolent Overlords over The Bill Barilkos: 6-2-1


Week 6 Standings:



Oh how the mighty have fallen as last week's overall leader OdinMercer and his team Doan F With Phoenix got blanked by Sunshine on Leith managed by article1, 9-0-0. Call it the curse of the interview if you will, as no one was willing to give their 20-cents for this week's article out of fear of getting whooped on.  Therefore no more interviews for the rest of the season!

Taking back the top spot after a Week 5 hiccup is The Other Vatican led by the young tandem of Steven Stamkos and John Tavares and backstopped by King Henrik Lundqvist himself.  With that kind of offense and goaltending, expect to see him near the top of the leaderboard all season long.

On the other end of the spectrum is the only lady in the pool, Karina with team GottaBeKD.  She's had a tough go of things this year as her team has consistently put up really good numbers and regulare gotten the bonus points for shorties and shutouts, but just always seems to be match up with a team who has a hot week.  The Law of Averages should soon start to take over and result in Karina slowly climbing the ranks.  Think of her as the Toronto Maple Leafs of PPPPP; always plays well just never well enough against her opposition.

So that's why Karina and GottaBeKD are 1/2 of this week's Random Showcase Matchup of the Week!  In the red corner, the challenger, standing over 3 feet tall and weighing somewhere between 100 and 800 pounds, Johnny G and The Gold Standard.

So who do you have in this week's matchup?  GottaBeKD sporting a team with future Leaf Duncan Keith, Captain LA Dustin Brown, and 20-cent himself Patrick Kane; or The Gold Standard led by next year's top free agent Ilya Kovalchuk, former Odd Couple member Nic Antropov, and Sean "Sloppy Seconds" Avery?  Cast you vote now.

The rest of the Week 7 Matchups:

der Komisareks vs The Bill Barilkos

Datsyuk My Balls vs The Other Vatican

furciferous ones vs Fuzzy Bunnies

leafers awesome team vs Bastards of Young

The Moustache Rides vs Benevolent Overlords

blindedbytheawesome vs Newmarket Saints

 Don't Call Me Burkie vs Daoustimination

Sunshine on Leith vs Ballard's Boys

St. Catherins Saints vs Doan F With Phoenix


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