Controversial non-goal call sinks Habs 3-2

The above is the title of the article on a Montreal Sports radio station Team 990

Let me explain the situation.

I listen to this radio station because it is mostly a great sports station.  They get really great guests with a lot of insights and they talk a lot of hockey.  Most of the hosts are very realistic about the Habs - but they obviously do not want to offend the mouthbreather fans that call/email in.

Last night the Habs lost to the Penguins and there was a bad call made against them that may have decided the game.  Fans were calling in/emailing on how the Refs seem to have it out for them and they never get any breaks blah blah blah.

I took it upon myself to email the host -  If I thought he would actually read my email on the air, I would have copy/pasted it, unfortunately I have to paraphrase.

First I said I enjoyed, for the most part, listening to this station. Then I went into the reason for my email:

'I have been listening to the calls and emails read on the air about how the refs have a bias against the Canadiens.  I'm a Leafs fan and we have blown/missed calls deciding games for us on a semi regular basis.  Ribeiro reacting to a high stick without getting hit, Ponikarovsky getting a delay of game penalty when everyone but the refs could clearly see the puck deflected off the glass,  Ian White getting a double minor high sticking call when it was the oppositions own teammate who high-sticked him. 

I am not saying the refs are biased against the Leafs, I am saying the reffing has been really really poor this year.  If you lose on a controversial call, then you probably didn't do enough to distance yourself from the opposition in the first place.



I give him a lot of credit for reading my email on the air.  The only exception he took to it (and was only vaguely inferred in my email) was to the fact that the best team doesn't always win and the team who works hard and sometimes dominates the game doesn't always get the win because of these missed calls.

Except for them sometimes catering to their fans(which I understand) I enjoy listening to this station.


Does it make me like the Habs?  No - but it does give me an insight into the side of the Habs that aren't full of braggadocio -  they are as insecure and upset at the performances of their team as we are at ours.

I say - Good!!!


UPDATE:  An hour and a half on - the fans are still bitching about the whistle.... is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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