PPPPPD1 - Week 10 Recap O' Goodness

You know the law: Two men enter, one man leaves.  Then shortly there after, the other man leaves.  While there were no chainsaws, axes, or wrist fired crossbows used in the PPP Thunderdome this past week; we now know who run Bartertown PPPPP. In the end it was SkinnyFish's team Datsyuk My Balls edging out Commissioner Clawson's The Moustache Rides in the battle of the number ones.



Early on, it looked to be well in favor of The Moustache Rides as Mike Richards picked up a shorty against the Islanders, and Niklas Backstrom shutout the Avalanche.  But in the end it was the dynamic goaltending duo of Jon Quick and Jimmy Howard getting 4 wins on the week and Henrik Sedin continuing on his Hart Trophy? path with 7 assists (3 on the PPP) that proved to be the deciding factor.  Sedin now has 41 points through 32 games, second only to Thorton's 44, and much of that was without brother Daneil in the lineup.   This could be your dark horse candidate for MVP alongside Thorton and Crosby.

With the win, Datsyuk My Balls moves into sole possession of first place with this week's opponent The Newmarket Saints only 1 point behind.  Definitely a big matchup this week.

On to the standings!



and how they got there:



It was a tough week for teams blindedbytheawesome and GottaBeKD, and they got blanked in wins and instead had to rely on ties for their only points of the week.  It's been a very rough first half of the season for team GottaBeKD, hopefully she fairs betters in the homestretch. Down at the bottom Doan F With Phoenix tied Ballard's Boys by a score of 4-4-1, making them our Sister Kissers of the Week.  Great Job!




Your individual stat leaders for the week:

Goals - 12 - Sunshine on Leith and St. Catherines Saints

Assists - 22 - Datsyuk My Balls (Henrik Sedin with 7)

Plus/Minus - +15 - Doan F With Phoenix

PIM - 44 - Ballard's Boys (10 from Evgeni Malkin)

PPP - 12 - Sunshine on Leith (5 from Kyle Okposo)

SHP - 2 - The Moustache Rides (Mike Richards and Tim Gleason)

Wins - 4 - Datsyuk My Balls (3 from Jonathan Quick and 1 from Jimmy Howard)

Save % - .961 - The Moustache Rides (A shutout and only 3 goals in 3 games for Backstrom)

Shutouts - Five teams tied with 1


and the overall season stat leaders:

Goals - 107 - The Other Vatican

Assists - 154 - Datsyuk My Balls

Plus/Minus - +47 - Daoustmination

PIM - 334 - der Komisareks

PPP - 93 - Benevolent Overlords

SHP - 9 - The Other Vatican

Wins - 21 - Doan F With Phoenix

Save % - .939 - Don't Call Me Burkie

Shutouts - 4 - Doan F With Phoenix and Don't Call me Burkie


Week 10 Moves and Trades

There were a lot of adds and drops last week, but no trades.  Most moves were to shore up the backend as goalies and defense who have been underperforming were dropped.  In a shock of a move PPP dropper Jonas Gustavsson from his team in favor of Tukka Rask.  If only he could have dropped Vesa Toskala in real life....  Also dropper was early rookie sensation, now AHL rehabber Matt Gilroy.  And splodeybones himself, Carlo Colaiacovo was picked up by team GottaBeKD.  He will now have a leg fall off within a week.


Now for the Week 11 Matchups:



We have two heavyweight battles as the Newmarket Saints battle Datsyuk My Balls, and The Other Vatican takes on The Moustache Rides.  But our Random Showcase Matchup of the Week is going to be florida leafs Fuzzy Bunnies:



 against Daoust's eponymous Daoustmination:



(click for the biggers)

It's a battle between two future Canadian Olympic centres and Daoust has Sidney Crosby against florida leaf's Ryan Getzlaf.  So PPP nation, who do you have in this matchup?

Let the trash talking, team bitching, trade proposing, and good lucking begin!

SkinnyFish out. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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