Airing of Grievances - Leafs Fans, Trolls, the Media and That Guy...

Editor's Note: I approve.

Crotchety old grumpy author's note - Yes, I am a Leafs fan, and yes, I am including myself in this.


I've seen and heard entirely too much from these fans (via

I am sick and tired of being pessimistic, and hearing nothing but pessimism from Leafs fans.  I am annoyed with unrealistic expectations.  I am befuddled at the yo-yo like emotions for certain players.  I've long since tired of blaming the refs, of questioning any and every call against the Leafs.  I don't like rooting for injuries.  To any one.

But wait!  There's more...

And another thing.  What is up with the ACC?  Blame the suits, blame the sushi, blame the prices.  When the stadium gets quiet, it gets quiet.  Upper bowl, lower bowl, there's no difference.  Is it the way the game is miked, or do Leafs fans forget how to cheer?  Winning or losing, we fans should be cheering.

I hear it all the time from athletes: "The fans didn't give up on us," "We really wanted to win this for the fans."


Sniff, sniff.  It's beautiful... (via 

I'm tired of "Laffs" and "1967."  Not even "plan the parade" is funny anymore.   Truth be told, it's not even remotely annoying.  It's just old and uninspired. 


Go Flyers! (via

No matter the venue, it seems I can't make it through one hockey conversation without some reference to how the Leafs suck.  It's as if, because I'm a Leafs fan, people automatically assume that I don't realize the team has not been good lately.  It leaves me with only one conclusion.  A troll is nothing more than a fair-weather fan of another team.  How else does one not understand the desire to stick with a team through thick and thin?

That all said, it brings me back to my first point.  Some Leaf fans are not helping the cause.  Our team is one of the most divisive franchises in sports.  There are just as many people who love the Leafs, are there are those who love to hate them.  I don't need to hear it from both sides.  I'm not saying the only way is blindly cheering on our Leafs (although, a sports fan can be defined as: " an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity") but perhaps more thought could be used in our critiques?

Speaking of thoughts, what is with the media?  I used to loathe homerism when it came to other teams, but now, a part of me is jealous.  As a Leafs fan, the kind of unbiased coverage my team gets looks like this:


It's a classic...( via

An entire industry built upon a franchise's misery.  If that's not a sign of the apocalypse, then I'm not sure there's hope for any of us.  I mean, I was disturbed by reality TV, but this is a whole new level.  The really sickening thing is, it's not just special publications, but the daily media is purposefully contrarian.

Not a day goes by that someone, somewhere, publishes a piece on the complete opposite of whatever the fans opinion is.  If Jonas Gustavsson played a great game, then the media will be there to poke holes in it.  If Matt Stajan is going through a 30 game pointless streak, you can bet the media will talk about his intangibles, his potential leadership qualities and defensive responsibility.

It gets worse.  Woe is the scribe who predicts something positive for the Leafs.  At least, I assume that to be the case.  Generally, the media seems to write in lock-step with one another.  Rarely will you find a dissenting opinion amongst them (and they call us "sheep?")  I often wonder why that is.  Do the sports writers gather in a secret room every day to discuss what they will tear down?  How do they continue to say the same things ad nauseum, with little to no proof, and remain employed?  Did all the journalists get trained by the same guy?

So, what's left to hate?  How about, this guy?

Ya, he sucks.  Thanks for everything JFJ! (via 

I could go on and on about Ferguson's failures.  I could even play nice and bring up some of his better moves.  The Dominic Moore waiver wire pickup, the drafting of Viktor Stalberg, the...ummmm.  Ya.  The caption just about sums it up.  

In short, I'm sick of pretty much everything.  Now, if you please...  


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