Airing of Grievances - The Ottawa Senators (and fans and media)

Note:  Karina has done a wonderful Airing of Grievances about Daniel Alfredsson which can be viewed here:

Oh, the Ottawa Senators.  Where can I really start about them.  What a wonderful job they have done...or at least you'd think that if you read Ottawa newspapers.  Media sweethearts they are, and I cannot figure out why.

Back in their early existence, their plan was to tank for their first few seasons to try to get a few 1st overall picks.  Well, they were able to successfully get three...Alexandre Daigle (what a waste!), Bryan Berard (was not interested in playing for Ottawa), and Chris Phillips (a fine player but tanking for the 1996 draft was not a very good idea).

That got them 1 playoff series win in the next 3 seasons.  Then they encountered our Maple Leafs.  Needless to say that didn't go well for Ottawa either.  But finally after the lockout they were able to reach a Stanley Cup final somehow (I blame an extremely weak Eastern Conference that season), before Brian Burke's Ducks finally took them out.  And then after that wonderful moment in their history...the Sens proceeded to fire their GM.  Who saw that coming?  But let's see how well that unconventional move worked...

...well, they started the following season 15-2.  After that they went on a massive slump, barely making the playoffs only to be swept in Round 1, and then missing the playoffs the following season.  Frankly Bryan Murray is starting to look a lot like John Ferguson Jr. with his NTC/NMCs and bad trades.  Only...Murray has a lisp.

So why should I be writing one of these about the Ottawa Senators?  Well, it's all about their so-called fans and their media really.

The Senators "fan" often sounds like a Montreal Canadiens fan, except without the Stanley Cups.  They like to use the "1967" insult, despite the fact that their franchise has not won a Stanley Cup at all, and Ottawa has not won a Cup since 1927.  At least with a Habs fan I can understand the tired insults.

The Sens "fan" likes coming up with excuses when Ottawa inevitably loses to Toronto in the playoffs.  2000 loss in 6 games?  "We didn't have Alexei Yashin."  Well, they got Yashin back for 2001 and then got swept.  "Yashin's no good!"  Okay, so they traded Yashin away for 2002, then Alfredsson cleanly (according to Sens "fans") hit Darcy Tucker from behind and scored the Game 5-winning goal and STILL lost in 7 games.  I wonder what their excuse was when Joe Nieuwendyk beat them in 2004.

Sens "fans" also like drinking their media Kool-Aid...and they certainly provide it!  Every draft pick is the next big thing, every trade is a great one for Ottawa.  To the media, Ottawa can do no wrong...but if they do, at least they did better than the Leafs...even if they didn't.  And if (heaven forbid), the media likes the Leafs or wants to put Leafs games on TV, the Sens "fan" wants it off the air.  Watching the Leafs or being a Leafs fan should be a crime according to them...their mayor "outlawed" Leafs jerseys at a Sens game unless there was a food donation (which the Leafs fans cheerfully provided).

Frankly the Senators "fan" is nothing more than a Leafs hater (Kavel Pubina's post).  Most of them would rather buy "Leafs suck" shirts than Senators merchandise.  In fact, they're all bandwagoners that only jump on the Senators bandwagon when they are deep in the playoffs (or trying and failing to beat the Leafs).  Perhaps they would go to a Sens game if the arena wasn't in the middle of nowhere with limited access.  What genius thought to put it there?  Oh well...

That bandwagon seems to have crashed and now it's being buried in this winter's snow.  The moral of the story:  Don't be a bandwagoner like them.  Be a Leafs fan for life like us :) is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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