PPPPPD2 Week 9 Recap - Rule, Britannia!

So then! Only three weeks late and not in any way, shape or form being a copycat, here is the first weekly review of the Pension Plan Puppets Phantasy Puck, Division II.

Why now, you might ask? Well - I think I can answer that question best in the form of a screengrab. So without further ado, let's get pictorial!


Forget the shrimp baby, Daddy's coming home with the lobster! My very own band of skill, grit, pugnacity and Jason Spezza leads me to stand astride the standings like the Colossus of Rhodes. But that's enough tuba tooting for now - the images speak for themselves after all. Let's turn instead to last week's results.

Game Misconduct (Mattblack) 5 - 3 The GoldenHawks (Curt S)

Spiritus Burkus (Blue & White Expat) 8 - 0 Domi-nators (FutureMrStronach)

Hungry Leafs Fan (Hungry Leafs Fan) 3 - 5 Kadri to Kessel! (Say Plan The Parade One More Time)

Russian Rocket (Sleza) 4 - 4  Extras In Slap Shot2 (Fraz)

King Of The Kessel (The Hoff) 0 - 7 WAIVA TOSKALA (Robot Godzilla)

Hagmanian Devils (Pevans) 3 - 6 Pined Apples! (Loser Domi)

The Purple Skid Mark (Blurr1974) 5 - 3  Five For Howling (OdinMercer)

Brian Burke's Hairdo (Mike Pelyk's Hairdo) 4 - 4 Pineapple Slasher (Kidkawartha)

Huge victories for Blue & White Expat and Robot Godzilla have sent them rocketing into 8th and 2nd places respectively, whereas the vanquished Hoff and FutureMrStronach are slumping. FMS is starting to be cut adrift at the bottom of the rankings - can he turn it around and cross the floor like his namesake? We're not even halfway through the schedule yet - anything is possible!

Now for a look at those sexy forthcoming matchups for week 10.

Hungry Leafs Fan - Domi-nators

Russian Rocket - Kadri to Kessel!

King Of The Kessel - Extras In Slap Shot2

Game Misconduct - Spiritus Burkus

Hagmanian Devils - WAIVA TOSKALA

Pined Apples! - Pineapple Slasher (Micky Grabs would be so proud!)

The Purple Skid Mark - The GoldenHawks

Brian Burke's Hairdo - Five For Howling

The match-up focus for the week ahead will fall of blurr1974's The Purple Skid Mark against Curt S's The GoldenHawks. Both teams need a good result to kick start their season - especially The GoldenHawks, who have promised us much but delivered so little, so far. Will Crosby recover from his knack in time for The Purple Skid Mark or will the magical Mikko Koivu lead The GoldenHawks to victory? Will blurr's goalie combo of Steve Mason and Theodore outduel Curt's Dan Ellis, Ray Emery and Carey Price lineup? Hey - let's look at the stats!


(Clicky for bigger - you know it makes sense)

Too close to call? Only a slight edge to Curt for having more success in the W column, but otherwise, the weekly records are indentical. Please note also Sleza and Loser Domi hogging all the shutouts. No fair.


We'll round off the biggest and indeed the only trade to take place last week.


(Again, if you could make with the clicky? Super dupes!)

Kidk is certainly making a name for himself with some of the more....outlandish roster decisions of the season so far. But why don't we throw this mother open to the vote - who won this trade, think you? Vote now!

That's it for this week. Join me again next Monday when we'll run down the facts, stats and splats of week 10. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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