Cracked Crystal: Leafs on opening day...

My first fanpost so be gentle.  There won't likely be big changes, other than the college kids and one or two free agents. I figured out the salary cap. I am at 57.3 including Raycroft and Tucker. Over, but not sure about Bozak's cap hit so I'm going to be happy with this. Spend to the cap, as BB says.

First line:


(4.5-4.5-3.5 for 12.5)

Maybe the speed on this line will create some chemistry. Anyway, there is a spot for Rick Nash on this line for 2010-11...


Second line


(2.5-3-.85 for 6.35 quite the bargain basement line!)

This line worked really well down the stretch, and I think Hagman is the most flexible of the three in terms of where he plays. This combo gets the most out of the three.


Third line


(3-.5-.875 for 4.375)

There could be some good energy here. Hanson is supposed to be a guy who sits in front of the net and picks up garbage. That would be a great complement to Hagman's wheels and Mitchell's shovel in the corners. A grind line that can score.


Fourth line


(.6-1.4-2 for 4. Gave Laperriere a bit of a raise)


Bozak is the 13th forward. ($4M apparently, with bonuses?)

Stajan, who I think is great, goes to Colorado for a second rounder

Tlusty had half a good year in the minors. He might get called up at the deadline if Blake/Poni gets traded.



The Leafs' defence is actually not too bad. What we need is more depth. You need a good 8-10 D men in the depth chart to survive a long playoff run.

Kaberle-Kubina (4.25+5)

This is an affordable, viable top-two right here. Why trade them? Well, maybe because their value is higher now than it might be if Kaberle has another sub-par (by his standards) season, and Kubina's no-trade locks back in at a certain point, doesn't it? If either of these guys is traded, the Leafs need to get a first rounder out of it. But I don't see it happening.


Schenn-White (.85+.95)

Schenn will be a first-pair guy eventually, but having him in the second tandem now gives him more time to develop--which he's already doing quite well. White is a good partner for him, as he's got the offensive side, but is also reliable on the back end.

Van Ryn-Finger (3.35+3.5)

Not bad for a third pair. As most have been saying, Finger might be paid more than you would expect, but the fact that we don't hear from him is a good thing. Third-pair defencemen are like children: they should be heard (crunch!) not seen. He seems to take care of that. Hopefully the new physio/trainer/medical staff can keep Van Ryn together.

Frogren (.9)

He's a solid plug. If one of the top two get traded he can move up.

Draft pick: probably Cowen, better to let him play in the A/W.

If the Leafs could pick up Beauchemin, that would be huge, but I decided that since I don't know the numbers, I would not include him.

Toskala (4)

Allaire, a fixed groin, a lightened load (50 games) he should be back on form.


Keep him. He would be good for 30 games, and a reliable back-up. Unless he wants to be number 1 somewhere else, but he might want to take this season to prove himself (as the end of last year didn't necessarily return him to his previous level of reputation).

Pogge: Keep him, let Allaire work with him, give him a big load in the A.

I think the Monster will go to the Avs. If he does come to TO, pencil him in in place of Gerber.

A more interesting exercise (just because I think there will be much bigger changes) will be to guess what the Leafs will look like in 2010-11. Add Nash, Tlusty, Stalberg, Bozak and DiDimenico for sure, which means Stemps, Blake, Poni and Hagman become expendable. Fourth line needs to get younger, though. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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