Luke Schenn drawing prints for sale


(Above is the image I used to have the prints made)

I have ordered prints of my Luke Schenn drawing to be made, and the earliest they will be in is this Friday. At most it will be 2 weeks. The price for each individual print will be $30. Here is what you get for that $30:

- An 11x14" print of the drawing with a white border, printed on gallery-quality paper with a matte finish (as opposed to gloss finish. This makes the print better for framing.)

- Each print will be hand signed and numbered by myself (the artist). I only had 10 prints made so each print will be numbered /10. If in the future subsequent prints are made, they will not be numbered below 10 (ex. If I get 5 more prints made, they will be numbered 11to 15 /15.)

- Registered shipping is included in the price. Your print will be shipped in an envelope with a sheet of bristol board on either side of the print to protect it from being bent or folded. The included shipping is for anywhere within N. America. Contact me with your address if you are outside of N. America and I will look up a price for you. The price will be increased according to actual cost of shipping. I am not making money on the shipping.

A few notes about the prints: Previously I had suggested I would be getting 8x10" prints and would probably be charging $20 per print. When I went to order prints and looked at the size and quality of the paper I was very disappointed. A good portion of the drawing would have to be cropped as its original size was 11x14" and the paper was more or less normal printer paper. So instead, I went with 11x14" gallery-quality paper, which costs twice as much. I am also not offering the option of having the prints matted. If I were to ship the prints in a matte, that would make the envelope about 3x as thick and it would no longer qualify as normal mail, it would be oversize, which would add about $7 to the price of shipping, which I would then have to pass on to you. You can get a matte at Wal-Mart yourself for under $10, or a frame with a matte already in it for under $20. Personally I would just chuck the matte and put the print directly into an 11x14" frame. The matte finish of the print is ideal for this, and that way you won’t have to crop out any of the drawing or the print number/signature by putting a matte over it.

If you would like to purchase a print, please contact me at . It will be a first come first served basis, meaning the first person I receive payment from will get print # 1/10, the second will get 2/10, etc. I will work out payment method individually with each buyer. My preferred method would be a cheque in the mail, but if you are not comfortable with that we could work something out. I do not do bank or money transfer of any type. This will operate on a trust basis (meaning I trust that you put the cheque in the mail, you trust that I put the print in the mail). I will send the print via registered mail, so you will get confirmation when it is sent. If there are any problems with the trust system I will stop selling prints that way (perhaps start selling them through eBay, although there are fees involved through that and PayPal so I would rather not). Thank you everyone, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

-Graham Beatty-

P.S. I am also taking requests for future drawings. I'm currently working on a Mikhail Grabovski drawing for a certain PPP member who seems to be very affectionate for the scamp. If there is a Leafs player you'd like to see, or any other player in the NHL for that matter, don't hesitate to ask. Here is my portfolio with the rest of my work for your viewing pleasure: is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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