PPPPPD1 Week 14 Recap - All Hail the Conquering Overlord Edition

Last week I showcased the impending battle between two SBNation blogging chiefs as Five For Howling's OdinMercer and his team Doan F with Phoenix took on our benevolent overlord's Benevolent Overlords. After losing the poll in last weeks post, the Benevolent Overlords played with a chip on their collective shoulder and really took it to team Doan F with Phoenix. When the dust had settled, it was crappy goaltending, a slew of powerplay points, and a random Mike Green shortie that won the match for PPP.




This of course means that 10 of you voted incorrectly in last week's poll.  We know who you are and have dispatched Jared with "candygrams" to your residences.

On to the full Week 14 Standings



Even with the loss to PPP, OdinMercer and team Doan F with Phoenix remain atop the leaderboard with a subpar effort from the rest of the top 5.  Team Datsyuk My Balls fell to Sunshine on Leith; The Other Vatican squeeked out a win against The Gold Standard; and the Moustache Rides just edged the furciferious ones.

The Week 14 Results



The news atop the leader board is team Don't Call Me Burkie who saw an 8-1-0 victory over leafers awesome team catapult him into second overall.  Good job sir.

The news further down is that of my new partner in FTB crime, Karina, as her team GottaBeKD has now rattled off three straight victories and begun her climb to the top.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately there was no tie this week so there will be no pictures of the Cruz sisters, or Angelina Jolie frenching her brother.  Sorry.

Talking trades and FA moves; no trades were made but the big FA move was made by the Newmarket Saints as they dropped Rich Peverly who has gone completely cold following his amazing start; in favor of Scott Gomez who seems to have found his place as an $8 million dollar second line centre in Montreal.


Your Stat Leaders for Week 14

Goals -15 - der Komisareks (Alex Burrows with 2 hattricks!)

Assists -20 - Benevolent Overlords (Drew Doughty with 6)

Plus/Minus -+ 14 - Newmarket Saints (Chris Pronger +7)

PIM -40 - The Gold Standard (Sean Avery being Sean Avery with 14)

PPP -11- Three teams

SHP -2 - der Komisareks (Saku Koivu and Alex Burrows each with 1)

Wins -3 - Three teams

Save% -.957 - Fuzzy Bunnies (Thomas Vokoun)

Shutouts -1 - Four teams


and Your Overall Stat Leaders

Goals -131 - The Other Vatican and Doan F with Phoenix

Assists -213 - Datsyuk My Balls

Plus/Minus -+50 - Daoustmination

PIM -432 - der Komisareks

PPP -120 - Benevolent Overlords

SHP -9 - The Other Vatican

Wins -31 - Doan F with Phoenix

Save% -.937 - Don't Call Me Burkie

Shutouts -6 - Don't Call Me Burkie


Your Week 15 Matchups



So many good matchups to choose from, but only one can be the Random Showcase Matchup of the Week.  So I'll spin Colin Campbell's Wheel of Justice and let it decide......5 game suspension.  Wait that's not right.  All hell I'll just choose one; and I choose The Bill Barilkos versus Don't Call Me Burkie.

The Bill Barilkos are managed by stucky and feature the offensive firepower of Nicklas Backstrom, Rick Nash, and Teemu Selanne.



Don't Call Me Burkie has clrkaitken at the helm with Jeff Carter and Wojtek Wolski up front, and America's only hope for gold Ryan Miller in net.



So members of PensionPlanPuppets which horse are you backing in this race?


If you're looking for some help in deciding who's playing or what goalie to start, check out some of the fantasy hockey sites like

Daily Faceoff

Left Wing Lock

Dobber Hockey

These have proven to be very useful and really help you understand the game better.


As always use the comments for trash talking, trade proposing, and general talk about some phantasy puck.

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