I Love The Leafs But They Don't Love Me Back

The most popular of all rose colors, red roses symbolize deep love, romance and passion. The red rose has long been a symbol of beauty and perfection and can also symbolize courage.

Today is January 20th, and you know what that means. It's soon going to be Super Bowl Sunday Washinton and Lincoln's Birthdays The Olympics Valentines Day!  While it might seem a bit early, smart boyfriends and husbands are already putting their Valentines Day plans into motion.  It's never too early to call for dinner reservations, plan romantic weekend getaways, or even shop for flowers.

Did you know that the color of the roses holds a deeper meaning? Me neither.  So here's a handy dandy guide for all you would be Casanova and novettes out there.  Seriously, red roses are so cliché . Never buy them. Ever. Also, take some time off work to hand deliver your flowers.  You'll garner way more brownie points that way than if you just call up 1800flowers.com to deliver them for you you lazy sack of crap. Also, no Teddy Bears It's uncreative.

For those lovebirds out there on Twitter (See what I did there?), you should definitely be following @creepycupid who has some hilarious love finding tips for you all.

Now what does this have to do with the Leafs? Not a damn thing!  Enjoy your links!

(glove tap to WrapAroundCurl for the Valentine's Day reminder idea)

Bad Romance

Friend of the blog sleza blatantly rips off borrows from Puck Daddy with her 5 reasons she likes hockey

Rattled by the Rush: A look at Kessel's Numbers

MF37 take a look at Bruin Phil Kessel vs Maple Leaf Phil Kessel

Which NHL Goal-Scorer Is Most Valuable To His Club?

Die by the Blade finds that Toronto's most valuable goal scorer is...

Leafs fall in Atlanta

The Globe and Mail gives a recap

Enough Haitian Donations?

Out of Left Field thinks major league sports aren't giving enough.  Little does he know, it's all because no one comments on the official sites.

Canadiens-Senators Produces Low Audiences For HNIC, Leafs Fans Delight

There was Canadien hockey on Saturday night? Puck the Media seems to think so.

Toronto Fans Getting Short End

Now don't jump to conclusions, Toronto Sports Media is  talking about the sub par efforts of Toronto's sports media. Wait...does that sound right?

King Clancy and my drop-in job interview

Vintage Leaf Memories recalls his failed attempt at getting a job at MLG during simpler times

And lastly, because the Leafs lost last night I figured I'd find something to make you all happy and I soon stumbled upon this:

Habs aren't Making the Playoffs

Four Habs Fans predict the Canadiens to win as many playoff games this year as the did last year.

Latenight omittals:

Pics of Damien Rhodes, Curt Ridley, Red Kelly, Tiger, and Michael Peca

Vintage Leafs Blog with another visual trip down memory lane.

Morning Latecomers:

I Really Hate Vesa Toskalol

You and me both eyebleaf

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