Everyone Loves Trade Proposals!

I saw this article linked on Puck Daddy's Puck Headlines yesterday and gave it a click because I'd rather do anything than work. Hawks and Leafs Can Both Get What They Need. The premise of the article is really rather simple and made sense at the time. (Warning: more "bad contracts for firsts" talk.)

Huet would only have two years left on his contract which is set to pay him $5.6 million each season. He would be expensive but still could be an attractive option for the right suitor. The opportunity to trade Huet would become more likely if an interested party also has other available Hawks on their shopping list.

Ok I think we're on board here. Toronto takes "Oh" Cristobal Huet along with something we want and we'll give Chicago one of the Marlies girls or Leafspace Monika (your hair smells so good baby) or just a really nice photo of Brian Burke with "Thanks for the memories draft picks" written on it.

Burke’s draft pick cupboard is bare because of the acquisition of Phil Kessel, so he needs to accumulate selections to use in trades this summer. That will provide the opportunity for Hawks general manager Stan Bowman to swing a big deal with the Leafs.

Alright, yeah we get it. You give us a bad goalie (Huet has a .904 save percentage behind a good team, we're all set thanks) we give you cap space.

Huet could give the Leafs a legitimate, veteran starting goal tender and a mentor for Gustavsson. Burke could help the Hawks salary cap struggles and leverage another player or two from them which would immediately help his rebuilding cause.

Urm. Huet? Legitimate? Huet? Dental plan?

Point of order: I normally leave the comments on blogs alone because most people who comment on blogs are incapable of rational thought. Uh, except all of you guys (Jared excepted). Anyhow, the blog author does some heavy commenting that's pertinent to this particular train of crazy.

If Burke can accaumulate (sic) 2nd-4th round picks he can set himself up with a nice nucleus of young players from Chaicago (sic). Becasue (sic) a few of those here now won’t be next season.

In return the Hawks would want prospects/picks because they can not take back a lot of salary….and possibly Huet to go to Toronto as well.

Well that makes a ton of sense. Toronto would love to take someone's bad overpaid goalie along with a 2nd round pick in exchange for our prospects. Which prospects would they want though?

Viktor Stalberg  and/or Christian Hanson could provide needed size and skill on the wing, should someone like Sharp be dealt.  Nik Kulemin is another player with a suitable skill set. Ian White or Tomas Kaberle could be a fit on defense.

*record skip noise*

I'm going to propose an equally likely trade to their blog.

Leafs Get Hawks Get

Jonathan Toews

Chicago's 2010 1st Round Pick

Subscription to Leafs TV Online

2 Free Burkie's Dogs

Jamal Mayers


This trade makes a lot of sense for both the Leafs and the Hawks. The Leafs want good players and prospects, while Chicago hot dogs are criminally overrated and their TVs don't show the Leafs (can you imagine?). Finally, I dislike Jamal Mayers and have included him out of the goodness of my heart.

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