Tomorrow, Tomorrow, the Leafs Play Tomorrow

"Annie" (1982) - Tomorrow (via serbianhuddle)


Can you believe it? The season is almost here! Tomorrow night the NHL season kicks off as the heroic Leafs (cheer) battle the dirty Habs (booo) at the ACC. If you have tickets, I don't want to know about it. In fact, if you tell me I'll probably slash your tires in a fit of jealously. I've got a spot on my couch already picked out and will have my butt firmly affixed to it.

But what if you haven't a couch upon which to watch the game. Well answer me these questions: Do you like the Leafs? Do you like beer? Do you want a chance to meet some of your fellow PPPers? Then tomorrow night drag yourself away from you computer and show up to one of the PPP Meetups going on for opening night. Toronto locals, head over to the Loose Moose. Ottawa locals, we are so sorry you have to live in that city. So why not rink away your pain with fellow Leafs lovers? Good times are bound to be had.

For now though, we have no hockey or bars filled with rabid fans and gallons of booze. These next 36 some odd hours are going to be torture. Anybody got some extra Nyquil around I can use to "fast-forward" through the day?

Your links after the jump.

The Toronto Sun has great value if you own a puppy or a parakeet

Burke did an interview with Sportsnet yesterday and it's a gooden.

The two sides of Dion Phaneuf

Mirtle reports on Dion's team face and his media face.

The end of rivalries? 

The Habs? The Sens? The Canucks? F*** ya'll, all a ya'll.

FMC with his season predictions

The hell's a Clarke MacArthur

Should the NHL get rid of the fourth line?

Roy MacGregor makes a compelling argument.

Ballard's slab donated to the HHOF

Discovered during renovations at MLG, the slab was previously unknown.

TSN's Top 50 NHL Players List

No Leafs but a few head scratchers.

The Leafs No-Read Zone

Marc Pilgrim with a internet road map to follow for Leafs news.

No "A" for Kaberle is the right move

maplestirup likes the latest move by Ron Wilson

Dion Phaneuf is on the Maple Leafs hot seat writers don't understand definition of "hot seat".

How will your team do this season?

Take this DGB test to find out.

The NHL to allow finishing moves in fights this season

A two-minute minor penalty will be added to the five-minute fighting major if one combatant turns the other into an infant or offers him a wrapped present.

Leafs training camp surprises and opening night roster

I have no idea who one of our players is.

Johnny Bower had a lot of back-ups

And VLM has 'em all.

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