The End Is Nigh

Just to recap, Grabbo weeble is a weeble based life form that plays hockey in a large North American city. He wobbles, but rarely falls down.


Meanwhile back in Minsk…..

Plans are afoot to establish the Belorusian Hockey League via the destruction of the North American league. Its strategy: establishing teams in non-traditional markets and sabotaging the game where it is already popular. 

The captain co-conspirators of the mammalian conspiracy group MKG, Right Breast weeble and Left Breast weeble, had cultivated a network of sleeper agents to do their bidding.


They had also captured and imprisoned one of the few in the know, our humble Belohero Grabbo weeble and replaced him with a sucky doppleganger for an entire hockey season. While imprisoned, Grabbo weeble used his mental toughness and intangibles to ward off threats of his imminent demise, always giving 110%.


Little did he know that Big Boss Bluster weeble was using his large brain (I mean really, what do you think is under all that hair, and how does he get it all inside the bus?), his intangibles and his cup ring to hatch a plot to save our hero and restore Grabbo weeble's team to its rightful place at the centre of the hockey universe



Kule aid man, dispensing beverages to the team faithful since 1967, was dispatched to spring his oval brethren. Already aware of the plan that was afoot, the authors of the evil weeble conspiracy set their minions on his trail.


But to no avail. Well known for his mastery of a soccer ball, Kule aid man springs our hero from his desolate prison.


Finally free, Grabbo weeble picks up a newspaper and confronts the despair that has taken hold during his unwilling absence.


Disguised as spongeboobs, our heros make a bee line for Bluster weeble's office,


En route, they witness panic in the streets.


Though it kind of reminded Grabbo weeble of Christmas  back home,


he began to understand the origin of fan base sentiments when he spies one of Bluster weeble's recruitement posters.


Grabbo weeble discovered that, according to local sources, many of the "sad sack" players who took the offer were not "living up" to expectations.


But Grabbo weeble was confused by the douche reference. He remembered a traditional belorusian remedy for such ailments,


But he wasn't sure how that would help the situation. 

He had also heard of the availability of some great slavic hope that would save the floundering forces of all that is good, just and intangible in the world. Grabbo weeble read a profile of the player's past exploits,


but, once again, our hero was left dumbfounded and unimpressed by this option. He knew that special problems required special mesures. Plans B through J had been tried and failed, it was time to use the sekret weapon, so sekret in fact that only one kweeble was aware of its existence. And that weeble was codenamed K. Grabbo put through the call.


Grabbo weeble knew plan K was a roll of the dice, and K was also his least favourite letter of the alphabet. Who was K, and would it be enough ? To be continued.... is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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