Just for fun: Sabres/Leafs 'super' team

So on last Friday ago I wondered "I wonder if I can put the Sabres and Leafs together and create a team that doesn't suck?"  Well, I figured it couldn't hurt to try.  To make it more interesting and less of an all-star team, it will need to be cap-compliant and i'll even try to stick to the Top/Sheltered/Checking/Grind breakdown for forwards.

Here goes:

Top:  Vanek/Roy/Kessel

I strongly suspect this would fail somehow, but it works great in make-believe land and that's what really matters for this exercise.

Sheltered: MacArthur/Grabovski/Kulemin.

I contemplated swapping C-Mac and Tyler Ennis because of pre-existing biases against Clarke, but if we're going off this year's performance this is clearly the way to go.

Checking:  Hecht/Connolly/Versteeg

I like Pommenville, but he's way more expensive than Versteeg and can't seem to score this year, so off he goes.

Grind: Brown/Zigomanis/Kaleta

I'd prefer Gaustad, but again, far too expensive for a role that can be easily done by Zigomanis.  Mike Brown beats out McCormick because of yesterday's heroics.

Pressbox: McCormick

Defense:  I use a lot of Sabres here because the Leafs defense is too expensive.  I decided against splitting up any pairs because I've learned two things about defense pairs in hockey:  If you think it will work, it probably won't, and if you know it will fail, it will be the best pairing ever.






Goalies: (this one ought to be obvious)



(I pretended to trade all these players to the Sabres to calculate the cap hit which is wrong because we're 1/4 of the way done but it should only be off by 200,000 or so as trade was nearly equal in salary.

Upper Limit $59,400,000
Projected Spending $55,931,957
Current Bonuses $2,525,000
Poss. Bonus Reduction $0
Projected Cap Space $3,468,044

Its almost like they'd be a good team or something.  I'm sure if you combined two playoff teams you could make a scary awesome roster, but that's not the point.  So of course the obvious conclusion here is that both teams need to stop signing horrible contracts.

So there's the players: now for everything else: (for fun)

Market: Toronto (I like bags full of money.  thanks.)

Name: Maple Leafs (i was torn but the Sabres third jersey was the tiebreak.)

Farm Team: Portland (For Kevin Dineen, though if we kidnapped Kadri first from the Marlies first that'd be nice.)

GM: Brian Burke(Darcy wouldn't be able to handle an unlimited budget, it'd only confuse him)

Coach: Lindy Ruff (Both of these chosen because i know their interactions would be awesome.)

Arena: I hate them both but i'll stay with HSBC.

TV team: Sabres (not only because of RJ, i actually like the leafs pbp, i just hate everyone else on the leafs broadcast crew.  Also, I really want Rob Ray to KO Pierre McGuire.)


Feel Free to declare all my choices to be stupid and suggest superior ones. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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