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WASHINGTON DC - DECEMBER 06: The Toronto Maple Leafs bench celebrates after a 5-4 victory in a shootout against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center on December 6 2010 in Washington DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

There is no shortage of opinions stemming from last night's embarrassment of the mighty Capitals. I can only hope that the Leafs have saved some of their David vs. Goliath routine for the upcoming game against Pittsburgh, because I don't want to read this many game recaps' worth of weeping.

On the other hand, I have no trouble reading about the suffering fans of other defeated teams. The folks over at Japers' Rink are a sharp bunch, and their recap is as good as any:

When the Leafs scored early in the third to cut the three-goal lead to two, it instantly brought back flashbacks of the last time these two teams met - when the Caps held a 4-1 lead and then simply stopped skating, allowing a relatively anemic Toronto offense to claw back into the game and force overtime and then a shootout. It's a memory that is still fresh for a lot of us, and you'd think would still be fresh for the Caps.

Spoiler: if you read their comments, there's a lot of anger. PPP and nhlcheapshot were over there for a while smoothing things over.


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Phaneuf Itching To Return
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Twelve days of a Maple Leaf Christmas; hopeful thoughts after a win in D.C.
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Karina posts the second installment of her series analyzing Brian Burke's dialogue with the media.

Leafs Lend U.S. A Hand - The Globe and Mail
Dave Shoalts tells us that the Leafs have made Jerry D’Amigo available for the World Juniors.

Game Recap
Greg over at Leafs Nation Online gives us his thoughts.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
John S over at Puckin' Eh with his two cents on last night's game.

Game In 10 – Game 26
Xterratu over at Leafs HQ with another recap.

The Hockey News: Headlines: NHL Capsules
Read a few tidbits about what happened elsewhere in the NHL last night. Those numbers on the Penguins don't bode so well for tomorrow's game.

Kadri Scores, Winner's Galore

Kyle Larkin with a few encouraging thoughts on Kadri's performance thus far.

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