Must Be Something in the Hot Chocolate

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

I don't KNOW what it is about Switzerland, but somehow they have Team Canada's number when it comes to International hockey.  Even though the game ended with a shootout win for Canada, that was not a win you'll be seeing celebrated today, and one that could have easily gone the other way.

Canada was supposed to roll over Switzerland; a team with only 2 NHL players in Mark Streit and Jonas Hiller. The latter, and his 45 saves, perhaps being the sole reason the Swiss were even in the game.  Last night's game does not bode well for Canada with the USA up next on Sunday, and a potential meeting with Russia, Sweden, or the Czech Republic in the medal round.

Also picking up a win last night, but the full three points, was team USA as they beat Norway 6 -1.  The scoring was started by Toronto's own Phil Kessel on an absolutely wicked wrist shot. Kessel later added an assist and finished a +3 on the night.  Atta boy Phil.

With their win's last night, both Canada and the US are guaranteed a spot in the medal round, meaning Sunday's game is all about securing the higher seed. Although knowing the other teams who will be in said medal round, there will be no such thing as an easy path for either.

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