Are we there yet?

Vintage Leafs had this awesome photo of some Banners that I thought would helps us all reminisce about years gone by. (Look at all those cup banners!)

This season has been like a long, painful car ride where your parents changed the destination once they got you all excited and into the car.  Yup, this summer we were all a-flutter with great defensive signings, the promise of youth, and a new, hot goalie and the promise of playoffs.  Here we are, in the stretch run, and it's a lottery pick that we'll see the Bruins take instead.  All I want to do is be the annoying kid in the back seat repeating "Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?" to Burke, so that I have something to do while we wait for the playoffs to return. 
In the meantime, I did buy that 10 Greatest Games DVD set back in October, so I've decided I should watch some more of those games, to remember our glory years.  There really were some great glory years for Leaf fans, and I have faith that those will come again.  Hopefully soon. 

Links after the jump

  • Tuesday Prospect Report: Nazem Kadri
    Bloge Salming, along with Gus Katsaros, presents a scouting report on Nazem Kadri.  He'll be a big help in getting us back to the playoffs!
  • Toronto Sports Media Pressbox
    TSM would like to introduce you to the pressbox, where he'll discuss the issues of the day facing the Toronto Sports Media.
  • The Birthday Party
    LD has some awesome guests at her birthday party! My favourite part: an appearance by ANGRY MAN IN STREET!
  • Fun in English Class
    Wrap's been bored, it seems, so she's plugged in some hockey players' names into an anagram generator. See what she came up with!
  • Cold Cases: The NHL's other missing items
    DGB has the skinny on other items you can look for, now that Sidney's stick has been retrieved.
  • Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Calder
    MLHS points out that the Ducks are not helping the depletion of talent on the Marlies' roster.
  • Torontosaurus Rex for Week 21 is …
    MLHS names this weeks Torontosaurus Rex! Do you agree with their selection?
  • Schenn’s Making Strides
    MLHS has a really good article detailing Schenn's continued development this year. I guess time in the AHL wasn't necessary.
  • TheRealKyper
    Vintage Leafs has an awesome photo of Kyproes for you to look at the next time he's annoying you while blathering away on the Sportsnet panel. As usual, it's not the only new photo, so go take a look at what else is new.

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