Sights and Sounds: Maple Leafs 1 v. Panthers 4

Tuesday night I made it out to the game against the Florida Panthers. As is far too often the case of late I was subject to a terrible performance by the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, every visit to the ACC is not without its entertainment. The best always comes in the form of the female fans. There were two in particular, decked out in blue and white and ample cleavage that elicited an audible "Jesus Christ" from a fan or two in earshot (including me, seriously, wow doesn't begin to describe them). Of course, they made their way on to the jumbotron later on in the game.

These regular seats that my uncle gets are right beside the Molson Canadian Best Seats in the House which is great. During the Canada-Russia game at the World Juniors in Ottawa I was able to watch the game on their televisions. Plus, they usually have a cute server to chat up. The guys in front of us were creepy late 30s guys and, swear to God, his opening line was "Hey, wanna come over after the game? I have a hot tub...and Xbox!" When I saw security come by later I thought she had called them despite laughing earlier. Turns out they were hot on the heels of the woman sitting next to us who was 28, looked 40, and was drinking with an expired licence. Crack detective work. Actually, at first I thought they were coming for me since I am 26, look 15, and was drinking with an expired licence.

I also saw a Hackey Night shirt which made me want to ask the guy if he knew who he was lucky enough to be sitting near but then my natural tendency to avoid creeping people out took over. So if you wore a Hackey Night shirt in section 313 and read this: Hey, nice shirt.

Sitting in the next row was also MLSE's dream: The immigrant father lugging around a camcorder and camera documenting his Canadian son's first game. The kid was decked out in a brand new Kessel jersey, a Leafs hat, and a Leafs scarf. It actually reminded me of my dad and I at my first game minus all of the electronics because a camcorder at that time was about 50 pounds. Also, that kid didn't fall asleep. In my defence, I was six.

Also, between periods, we meandered down to the area where they have the silent auction. There were some incredible items including a signed Luongo picture of him in Vancouver after the Gold Medal Game skating with that huge Canada flag, a picture of Mats and Wayne facing off for Gretzky's last time at Maple Leaf Gardens, and a great collection of Candian Gold Medallists. The prices weren't too bad and since it was mid-week no one was bidding. Keep that in mind if you ever pull together some scratch and are looking for sporting memorabilia.

Anyway, we actually got to the game pretty early so I managed to grab a few pictures of the two teams warming up:

A view from the Ice Box

Jean-Sebastien Giguere stares down Phil Kessel

It's funny, no matter what age or level of hockey, all warm-ups always include the dual circles and guys firing pucks into the empty net.

Round and round they go.

Jamie Lundmark shows why he's a journeyman. He's shooting at the boards.
Also, screw Molson for their stupid 67 beer.


John Fucking Mitchell

These two managed to get 0 shots on goal on this little whip around.

Kessel is from the Mark Messier School of Wrist Shots

Can you tell what I was focused on?


When does Mats go up? 


From The Toronto Star: Corporal Thomas Farquharson is the new recruit for Luke's Troops, a program in which the Leafs' Luke Schenn donates game tickets to the Canadian military. Farquharson, 24, who will be at Tuesday's game, grew up in Whitby and joined the Ontario Regiment in 2002, training as an armoured crewman. He spent eight months serving in Kandahar beginning in September 2008 and has since returned to Fleming College in Peterborough.

Two clips from the Leafs' powerplays. I wanted to get a goal but I should have known better. There is constantly a man in the goalie's face but the Leafs were not getting enough good shots through. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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