(My) Five Reasons I love Hockey

This is probably going to not be the best one there is, but bear with me.


Reason #1: Anyone and Everyone Can enjoy it

Many hockey fans also enjoy other sports, like Soccer, football and baseball to name a few. But you look at fans of those sports and they've probably got reasons that they don't like hockey. But hey, take a look at the game and you'll see some similarities. Like ridiculous goals? Hockey's got em. Enjoy bone crunching hits? Hockey's got em. Enjoy insane defensive plays? Hockey's got em. Enjoy haymakers and blood? Hockey's got em. Heck, even hockey's got it's share of bloopers. Well, outside of the human blooper reel Vesa Toskala there are some pretty epic bloopers. If you can't find something about hockey that you can't like about it, it's going to have to be a good reason.

Reason #2: The Playoffs

There is nothing more exciting than the biggest games if the season. Obviously even if a team i'm not rooting for isn't playing, i'm still going to watch it. It's hockey. Okay, well if it's Habs vs Rags (or Sens vs Flyers) then i'd probably hope they all contract swine flu or something. But in all seriousness, these games are for all the marbles. You're not going to see guys sitting around and being lazy (Alex Kovalev excluded) but guys putting their balls against the walls. Would Bobby Baun have played the regular season on a broken ankle? He might, but he'd probably take the safe road. He played in the cup Finals on a broken ankle because he wanted to win the cup. He's one (and probably the best) example of this, and obviously there's nothing more exciting than seeing your team raise the cup (and of course for the players too)

Reason #3: The internet and blog sites

Obviously if there was one thing I enjoy about hockey are sites like these ones. SBN's hockey blogs are well made and feature links to quality blogs. I never really read blogs until i started playing Fantasy hockey. It started with Puck Daddy, and that eventually ended up to me finding blogs like Down Goes Brown, most of the SBN sites (which i lurked around for a year or so kinda), and other content that i've enjoyed. Plus it's also taught me alot of stuff, and i've met all sorts of cool people and made friends by visiting various SBN and blog sites, like John Fischer from In Lou We Trust, Travis Hair, Chris Burton, Cornelius Hardenbergh and Alix to name a few. Oh, and the crew and members of this site. Plus all the other cool people i've met over twitter and all the other blogs i've found via twitter. Plus i'm able to find all sorts of content online, and have a much cooler experience as a fan of the sport

Reason #4:Sudden Death OT

Many people despise OT, especially during the regular season. But even in 4 on 4 situations, there are still some pretty awesome moments. One moment like that this year was a late December game where Zach Parise scored an awesome breakaway OT Goal against the Habs. Many games have gone into multiple OT, and there's nothing more epic than the OT winner. For me in 2000, Jason Arnott's Cup winning OT goal against Dallas was one of those moments. Stars fans had several epic OT games a few years ago against the Sharks in their big upset victories over the sharks. That same year the Triple (or quadruple) OT goal by Peter Sykora in the Stanley cup finals was one of those moments. And More recently, Sidney Crosby's golden goal.

Reason #5: The game can unite us all

This is probably my most compelling point. I never really was the most popular kid in high school mainly due to  my style (I never tried to act gangster, and that's apparently why i'm not cool...) and my taste in music. However, there were some people who were willing to accept me because I knew quite alot about hockey. I eventually made friends with those people, and turned out that they were pretty cool people. Even here on this blog, you can just look at the CC. You'd expect alot of Leafs fans to be here, since this is a blog about the Leafs, but instead you'll see all sorts of people: Bruins fans, Devils fans, Capitals fans, Predators Fans, Coyotes fans and Canucks fans all smiling and breaking bread with each other (in a metaphorical sense of course) and putting aside our differences (even though some people get mocked for it occasionally). Heck even when the gold medal game was on, Sens fans momentarily stopped mocking the Leafs. For a day, @DHspeedwagon's twitter page was not full of smut mocking the Leafs, but smut mocking America. That's the power of hockey. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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