1, 2, 3 Triple Deke

Will all due respect to Bloge Salming and general borschevsky, this is the best spoof of the Stanley Cup Playoff commercials yet:

History Will Be Made - Gordon Bombay (via amorebettersn)

Now some of you may not know it, but this winter I coached a squirt hockey team from New Canaan, CT. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. The kids were an absolute blast to coach and hang out with; and even though I'm 15 years their elder, I like to think that I became their friend over the course of the season.  PPP member Fergus30 first drew the comparison between Coach Gordon Bombay and myself, and I fell it is an apt description. Hear me out.

  • Our team was a C level team, meaning we were the lowest level around much like District 5 was.
  • We played on an outdoor rink and even once practiced on a frozen pond just like the Ducks did.
  • Like Coach Bombay in D2, I starting coaching after a knee injury sidelined me from playing hockey myself.
  • Our team started out terrible but gradually got better and better, going on a 7-0 streak at one point and finishing third in the end of the year tournament. We were the ragtag bunch of kids who had a snowball's chance in hell.
  • Like Gordon Bombay, I too have a love for loafers.

So you see, I'm exactly like Coach Gordon Bombay in every way. Well minus the drunk driving, job as a lawyer, and relationship with one of the hockey moms. But other than that, very similar.

We had our end of the season team party Monday night and I already miss the kids dearly. If any of you have the chance to be a coach, I highly recommend the experience. You'll be hard pressed to find something better to do at 7am on a Saturday morning than stand in a cold hockey rink and yell at 10 year olds at the top of your lungs.

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Morning Additions

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ATLANTA DESTROYED OUR PLAYOFF MARCH!!!!!!!.wmv [Youtube] (turn your volume way down for this one)

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