Information Overload


Saturday mornings are a great time to lounge around and what better way to pass the time than to read about hockey. Also, as a sidenote, our friend across the Atlantic, Mattblack, will have to take another sabbatical from his role. He is a very important person in London and has to work weekends. You can speculate as to his job but there is no truth to the rumour that he is actually Michael Owen since that would mean he had a lot of free time. We'll leave the light on until it's time for him to come home.

Also, remember to send in your questions for the Mirtle Mailbag. I've already received three pretty good ones. Make sure to include your username if you have one but if you don't feel free to also send in questions.

Anyway, onto some tasty links:

Down Goes Brown: Signs your GM had a bad deadline day
He frowns like Beaker.

Brian Burke Explains Trade Deadline Day Actions
Need some confidence? Brian Burke delivers.

Jim Hughson - Is anyone taking the Sens seriously?
Short answer: No.

Past East Playoff Battles After The Trade Deadline - Bird Watchers Anonymous
You want good news? The Leafs are poised to make their 5th straigh post-lockout winning percentage improvement.

The Empire Strikes Back - Five For Howling
The NHL is looking to collect 61+ Million dollars from the former Coyotes owner. Travis Hair and friends share a chortle.

More after the jump.

NCAA Hockey 101: Who wants the Hobey Baker now?
Three of these five are already property of NHL teams. Da Costa is not but he's a pixie at 5'11" and 150lbs. Johnson is also free to a new home.

Toronto Maple Leafs Legends: Dr. Bill Carson
Other people besides 1967ers write Leafs history. Weird.

Did Milan Lucic Quit During Thsi Fight With Colton Orr?
In a word: Yes. But who can blame him? He's a guy that isn't quite a heavyweight and he learned that in a pretty painful way.

How The Outside World Views Sidney Crosby - From The Rink
Mike Chen is not sure hyping up Crosby is a good thing but dammit he's good. - Eastern Conference Playoff Race

Video: Sean Avery mocks Max Talbot’s awkward fighting style - Puck Daddy
This is actually pretty funny even though Avery runs from fights.

The Puck Stops Here : Phoenix’s Conflict Of Interest Continues
This is a dumb article. The optics would be bad if the Coyotes were run like the Expos. THAT was an embarrassment to sport. The NHL made their decision and the Coyotes are being run like a real team. Those are good optics.

Culture Shock (Or How Canada's Gold Ruined Leaf Games) | Toronto Mike's Blog
It basically ruined 98% of NHL games. Oh well.

Will the NHL finally crack down on Derek Boogaard, the hockey goon? - Cult of Hockey
David Staples does not like Derek Boogaard and he has a point.

No credible evidence to support NHL rumour - Ted Wyman
This should dispel the ridiculous Thrashers to Winnipeg rumour.

Bob Ford: Fighting is hockey's problem
I wonder what makes Olympic hockey so great? Could it be that just the best of the top 5% of the league plays? Or no fighting? Hmmm. That's a tough one. Go Flyers!


No Playoffs!!!1 - Sports and the City
Even eyebleaf thinks this season is over. Today is a dark day.

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