I Love you Mommy

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Yesterday, my illustrious, hard-working partner found something quite intriguing on Passive Agressive notes.  The letter pictured above was written by a young girl who shares my name.  In it, she apologizes for calling her mom a "pice of poo".  Frankly, I still haven't stopped laughing at it - firstly, that there's another Karina out there who has a reported infatuation with poo, and secondly that had I ever called my mom a piece of poo, I would have received the thrashing of my life.  In fact, I can only recall ever back talking to my mom once, when she asked me to clean my room and I angrily said "NO!".  That didn't end well for me.  But then, I was a quiet, mild, obedient child, while I had two older brothers who'd been rather rambunctious, who did a lot worse.  I had the fear of my mom put into me by watching what they did.  What's the worst thing you ever said to your mom?

Oh, and when's mother's day?  I think a print out of this might be in store for my mom, as it will give her a good laugh too.

Links after the jump.

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James Mirtle updated the playoff push stats - the Leafs are now eliminated.

Leafs’ tough guy shows his sweet side
Wendel rates the best chocolate cakes in Toronto.  Really.  And who wrote this headline?  "Leafs tough guy"?  How do they not realize Wendel's importance?  Meanwhile, I'm sure that owners of all the losing cake stores are cowering in fear as we speak.

Bloge Salming: Tuesday Prospect Report
See if you can find the joke.

Vintage Leafs: MacLean's magazine from 1966
Birth Control and the Leafs Money Making Machine

Lunchtime Reading

Caputi on top  line for home debut
James spoke to Luca Caputi about his home debut, and playing on the top line.

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