Good Links for Good Friday

This day is usually the one Friday in Lent I remember not to eat meat. Most of the other Fridays I will try my best and remember once I am through my second or third bite. By then, the cat's already out of the bag so I finish. I don't like fish so I'll be having eggs three times tomorrow. I'll count down until midnight and then eat a burger or something. I guess doing otherwise is kind of a sin. Then again, if Jesus died for our sins he'd probably want us to make it worthwhile no? I like to think so. Chew on that while you read some links:

The Wonderful World of Loser Domi: Frday Youtube Yoinkage April 2, 2010
She's baaa-aaack! Goalbovski is officially in reserve for next season.

Vintage Leaf Memories: Kaberle and un-named sources in Leafland nothing new
The Kaberle-Wilson 'feud' is not the first time a local rag has run an article based on scurrilous accusations.

David Shoalts, Terrible Journalist, Gets PUNKD by Ice Edge Joke - Five For Howling
Speaking of terrible reporting, afraid of losing his mantle to Steve Simmons as the most gullible reporter in Toronto David Shoalts fell for Ice Edge's April Fools prank.

Potential Coyotes owners prank media with Manchester U. 'bid' - Puck Daddy
More on the pranking of the Globe and Mail.

Vintage Leafs: Famous Fans #10: Tiger Woods
Our fans are catnip to the ladies. It's not our fault!

Battle Of Ontario: Shiny, happy, go-go time.
HAHAHAHA Noted teams that Andy Sutton has spent most of his career prior to joining Ottawa: Atlanta Thrashers and New York Islanders. Yeah, that guy knows all about winning.

Vintage Leafs: Foster Hewitt on the cover of MacLean's
Ah for an announcer with Hewitt's skill.

Dreger: Leafs' Burke has idea to curb hitting from behind
Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke is convinced a good hug may go a long way to curbing a constant safety issue in the NHL - hitting from behind. Burke has pitched this idea before and the league admits it may be time to take another look at it.

Vintage Leaf Memories: It’s the Leafs and the Sabres one more time
An update on Les Kozak

Oilers will be winners at draft lottery
Poor Oilers. They don't know that they are going to lose the draft lottery.

Battle Of Ontario: NBC pimps the Ottawa Senators
More like they needed a team with a history of showing embarrassing videos.

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