The 5 Reasons I am Falling "in like" with Hockey

(Love will soon follow, once we understand each other better)



Anyone on this website will be able to identify with this: A Leafs obsession can take over your life. When you meet someone with such an obsession, begin to care about them, and get this, would even like to spend a substantial amount of time with them, you must acquaint yourself with hockey. If you really hope to stick around, you put aside all of the terrible things you have heard about the Leafs and their track record to watch them play almost every Saturday night. In case you haven’t noticed, this someone is Fleet Fox. I have now watched two full seasons of the Leafs and though a little apprehensive at first, and well you know, as typical girl trying to impress her boyfriend, I watched every game attentively. The thing that gets me though, is that a few games into the last season, I was asking Fleet Fox everything about hockey: rules, names, numbers, teams, you name it. Trust me, he was more than informative, even using diagrams. Soon, I became an avid fan. I bought him tickets to a game, and I was just as excited… okay, well, maybe not as excited but that’s relative, he has been following hockey since diapers. So what began as attempt to get attention from my new beau may be turning into a mini obsession of my own. Heck, it may become full-blown if we keep this up.



Hockey has a major perk: it’s association with food and beer. To understand how wonderful this is, you probably have to know a bit about me. If I have dinner followed by beer, chips and lying on the couch, I am a happy camper; that’s a damn near perfect night for Miss Fox. Then, if you add hockey to the mix, it’s great simply by association. Now, the fact that hockey is actually fantastic by itself just heightens the experience even further, if you can believe it.



Passion is an admirable quality. Actually, it is the quality that draws me to a person and leads me to respect them. A person without passion seriously lacks personality. Let me tell you, Leafs fans are some of the most passionate people I have met. Some may argue that this passion is misguided, but frankly I couldn’t care less, passion is passion: if you have it, I like you. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that Leafs fans—hockey fans in general—are awesome.



Okay, so I may have lied a little bit in #1. My knowledge of hockey, though limited, extends back to my early years in Northern Ontario. I spent a good four years of my childhood in Timmins, where forty below weather and ten-foot snow banks are your best friend. It was amazing. We had a hockey rink in our schoolyard and all of my friends played hockey. When I lived with my three male cousins, we played road hockey all of the time, and I loved it. Although I didn’t follow hockey at the national level, oh boy do I love the game. If only I was any good.



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