The Top 5 Countdown

How does one express their love for something, when it's entirely possible, the words don't even exist to convey the emotions it stirs up?  Maybe some music and pictures...?  Sure, why not.


5. Another Hit and Run

The body contact in hockey is freaking amazing.  Read all the homoerotic sub-context you'd like into that statement, but it's the truth.  Say what you will about other contact sports, but nothing comes close to a big hockey hit.  Especially when it's in open ice.  Toss in a bitter rival on the receiving end and you've got the makings of a sure fire success. Hits are awesome.


4. Knock 'Em Dead Kid

Almost as awesome as hits, are fights.  Not the staged, goon versus goon jokes we're subjected to, but honest "disagreements", for lack of a better word.  Watching two guys whose frustration has boiled over and go "mano a mano" is the very essence of man.  At our core, we are competition.  We are competitive.  We like to hit things.  It's the ultimate expression of who we are as one half of human genetics.  Hockey gets that, and sometimes even celebrates that.  Fights are awesome.


3. Somebody Save Me

If there's one thing hockey has over the other major North American sports, it's the goalie.  A one man last line of defense is simply unheard of.  The fascinating thing about goalies is, at the right moment, an act of defense (ie - a spectacular save) can spur on the offense.  It can ignite a fan base.  It will make you stand up and say "Wow..."  Saves are awesome.


2. Everybody Wants Some

Hockey fans, I love you.  We are a rare breed that seemingly defies categorization or definition.  Clever and cliched.  Witty and witless.  Passionate and...whatever this guys is.  Just like you, he's awesome.


1. Shoot to Thrill

Goals, goals goals.  I ♥ goals.  There's something poetic and beautiful about a goal.  They are like snowflakes, precious and unique.  They are the yin to the goalies yang.  As much as an incredible save can take your breath away, a goal can take away the earth's gravitational pull.  Goals lift you out of your seat, in victory or defeat.  They're awesome...

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