Alright, that's it. I am pissed off.


Dear Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment: 


I am writing this knowing full well that this letter from lil' ol' me will NEVER REACH you. This is why, after many months of lurking and reading on Pension Plan Puppets (I say again, PENSION PLAN PUPPETS), a Maple Leafs blogsite or whatever you want to call it, I have decided to express my anger and disappointment here. Maybe, just maybe, you will set aside your many consultants, accountants, Carlton The Bear bobblehead dolls and your cash receipts off your desks and read this. 

I have but one question for you to start: 

Does it not bother you in the least that, after the Habs polished off the Pens in 7 games, hundreds, if not thousands of those arrogant Habs fans celebrated on Bloor Street West?

There was not one Leafs sweater in sight.

No Gilmour, Clark, Sittler, Vaive, nothing.

Instead of seeing the colours of God's team, I see the colours of the blanc, rogue and who cares.

Halak. Roy. LaFlower, or whatever his name is. Jeez, I even saw a Kordic sweater.

I have been a Leaf fan all my life.

Now, I am starting to question if my loyality is ever going to be rewarded. If my TML sweater collection was really worth it.

Sure, a Stanley Cup would be great.

But is money and being in the "black" all that's important to you? Seat licensing? Ticket price increases?

Are you going to continue to insult my intelligence with the proproganda shown on Leafs TV? I mean, how many times to I have to see Gilmour's goal on Cujo almost 2 decades ago? How many times do I have to be reminded that Harold Ballard was a terrible ownder? How many times to I have to watch boring countdowns on the "Great moments in Leafs History"?

Does Mr. Brian Burke have to come to a management of people and seek approval for taking a leak in the company toilet?

Is it really that hard to assemble a team of professional hockey players and ask them to play for the Leafs?

You have to understand that Habs fans celebrating in our great city is akin to a plague of locusts.

Nobody cares about the Argos. There's more Yankee/Red Sox fans here than Jays fans. The Raptors? That's a different letter from a different fan.

This is unacceptable. Montreal Canadiens' fans celebrating here. Now, our awesome city is at risk from their baboon behaved fans.

Like I said, I doubt you will read this - too busy counting money. If there is one thing you learned from the Ballard era, it's money.

This could be an epidemic. Right now, it's a bunch of pests that run the danger of becoming fruitful and multiplying.

I am willing to bet dollars to pesos that those Habs fans are Leafs fans that just wanted to celebrate something. Bring them back to sanity.

Put a winning team on the ice. This is not Carolina, Columbus, Nashville, Phoenix.....IT'S TORONTO.

What I saw last night was unacceptable. Fix it. 

Thank you.


Mike is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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