Moar Trivia! 53 Questions!

OK - I'm going to cop out and recycle this one.  No cheating by looking up the old thread.  There are four freebies because I just asked them 10 minutes ago.

1. Bill Barilko's Game 5 OT goal to win the 1951 Stanley Cup was possible only because another Leaf scored with the goalie out in the last minute.  Who scored to tie the game?

2. The last goaltender to play a complete season was briefly a Leaf.  Who was he?

3. The Leafs have had three goaltenders that held at one point in their careers the single-season record for games played by a goaltender.  Who were they?

4. What ex-Leaf won the Hart Trophy in a season in which he set an NHL record for most losses in one season?

5. Which Toronto player had 176 goals in his first 170 NHL games?

6. In which sport did Syl Apps compete in the 1936 Summer Olympics?

7. Which member of the Hound Line was not a converted defenseman?

8. Which Leaf became the first player to score 25 goals for two teams in the same season?

9. What is the highest number of goals a Leaf goaltender has given up in a win?

10. Who was the last Leaf goaltender to lead the league in GAA?

11. Which Toronto player set an NHL record (still standing) for the most goals scored in a Stanley Cup Final (9)?

12. Which member of the French Connection was a Leaf at two different points in his career?

13. How many players have the Leafs traded away that went on to score 50 goals for someone else?

14. What Leaf won the Calder Trophy in Gordie Howe's rookie season?

15. What Leaf won the Calder Trophy in Bobby Hull's rookie season?

16. Johnny Bower was injured and could not play the deciding game of the 1963 SC Final.  Who was in net for the Leafs when they won?

17. Who told Punch Imlach that Red Kelly could be acquired from the Wings for bit-part defenseman Marc Reaume?  What is his connection to this year's team?

18. Who did Johnny Bower replace as starting goalie for the Leafs?

19. Bobby Baun famously scored a goal while playing with a broken ankle.  Which ankle?

20. Two Leafs have worn number 93.  Gilmour is one.  Who is the other?

21. What Leaf goaltender had three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Final?

22. Who did the Leafs get in exchange for Tim Horton?

23. What goaltender was pressed into service once Bernie Parent jumped to the WHA?

24. Of all the players the Leafs traded away, which one won a major NHL award the fastest?

25. Who were the three men who bought the Leafs from Conn Smythe?

26. Which Leaf acted as Alexander Godynyuk's translator when he first got to Toronto?

27. In the 1990 playoffs, LA knocked Calgary out in Game 7 on a crazy power play goal where a player took a swing at a puck while lying on his stomach.  The puck then looped through the air in slow motion and stayed 6 inches past the outstreched glove of Mike Vernon, who was falling over backwards trying to catch it.  The goal scorer and the player in the box both became Leafs.  Who were they?

28. With the Leafs killing a penalty in overtime in Game 6 of the 1993 Semi-Final, Wayne Gretzky famously high-sticked Gilmour, got away with it, then scored the winner.  Who was in the box, having taken a brain-dead boarding penalty in the last minute of the third?

29. Who was the first Leaf to wear #27 after Sittler was done with it?

30. The Leafs record for goals scored in the playoffs is 11 (Dave Andreychuk, 1993).  How many were scored in the third round?

31. Who was the Leaf head coach that Punch Imlach replaced with himself?

32. There are two Leafs who have lent their names to a chain of doughnut shops.  Tim Horton is one.  Who is the other?

33. What ex-Leaf's name is still on a chain of hamburger restaurants in the GTA?

34. How many ex-Leafs have had their numbers retired by other NHL teams?

35. Of the following goaltenders (Gerry Cheevers, Bruce Gamble, Ed Johnston, Harry Lumley, Bernie Parent, Jacques Plante, Felix Potvin, Andrew Raycroft, Terry Sawchuk, Don Simmons), how many played for both Toronto and Boston? 

36. How many Norris Trophy winners have ever played for the Leafs?

37. In the famous picture of his winning goal in 1951, Bill Barilko is flying through the air after hooking skates with a teammate.  Which teammate?

38. In the mid-80's, when Wednesday Leaf games were on CHCH in Hamilton, who did the Leafs play-by-play?  He is now a much bigger name, though not one you'd associate with the Leafs.

39. Wendel Clark missed 14 games in his rookie season with a broken foot, an injury he suffered when hit by a teammate's slapshot.  Which teammate?

40. Why did Alexander Godynyuk wear #93?

41. Which one-time Leaf was the only player to be taken in both the 1967 and 1979 expansion drafts?

42. The first player ever drafted in an NHL entry draft was a two-time Leaf.  Who?

43. Of all the Leafs' first-round picks, who took the longest to play his first game in Blue and White?

44. Who is the latest Leaf draft pick ever to play for the Leafs?

45. For two games in 1990-91, Ken Linseman was one of three Leafs in history to do what?

46. Which Leaf holds the record for most OT goals in the same game (3)?

47. What Leaf held the unoffical record for the most consecutive consonants to start his surname with 5?

48. Who stripped Todd Gill of the puck in the last minute of the last game of the 1988-89 season, walked in alone on Allan Bester and scored, ending the Leafs playoff hopes?

49. Who had the highest career point totals of all the players drafted by the Leafs?

50. Two 12th-round draft picks of the Leafs are now in NHL management - one is a very succesful GM, the other a rookie NHL head coach.  Who are they?

51. The cry of "Cmoooonnnn TEEDER" for Teeder Kennedy was actually an adaptation of an earlier call of "Cmoooonnnn PETER" for another player.  Peter who?

52. Who scored to end the longest OT game in Leafs playoff history?

53. This player walked out on the Leafs after one too many run-ins with the coach.  The day he quit, he met the team in a bar, where they all applauded him and congratulated him on standing up and getting out.  In his autobiography, he had this line (paraphrased) - "That was my last moment as a professional hockey player - a standing ovation from the Toronto Maple Leafs."  Who was he?


Correct answers to date:

1 - Tod Sloan
2 - Eddie Johnston
3 - Gary Smith, Bernie Parent, Grant Fuhr
4 - Al Rollins in 1954, as a Chicago Blackhawk
5 - Babe Dye
6 - Pole Vault
7 - Russ Courtnall
8 - Dave Andreychuk
9 - 9 (Tim Bernhardt gave up all 9 in an 11-9 win over Edm, Jan 8, 1986)
10 - Felix Potvin
12 - Rene Robert
13 - Rick Kehoe, Blaine Stoughton, Lanny McDonald
14 - Howie Meeker
15 - Frank Mahovlich
16 - Don Simmons
18 - Ed Chadwick
19 - Right
20 - Alexander Godynyuk
21 - Frank McCool
23 - Ron Low
25 - John Bassett, Harold Ballard, Stafford Smythe
26 - Mike Krushelnyski realized that Godynyuk was actually Ukrainian
27 - Mike Krushelnyski scored with Gary Roberts in the box.
28 - Glenn Anderson
29 - Miro Ihnacak
30 - zero
31 - Billy Reay
32 - Eddie Shack
33 - John Anderson
35 - All of them
36 - Red Kelly, Pierre Pilote, Randy Carlyle, Brian Leetch
38 - Jim Hughson
39 - Chris Kotsopoulos
42 - Gary Monahan
43 - Walt McKechnie
44 - Staffan Kronwall - 9/285th 2002  By round: Nate Dempsey - 11th/245th 1992, Tim Armstrong 11th/211th 1985 )
45 - Wear #13
47 - Dave McLlwain
48 - Troy Murray
49 - Vincent Damphousse
50 - Ken Holland and Peter DeBoer
52 - Ken Doraty
53 - Dave Semenko is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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