PPP Dictionary: 1967

 Editor's Note: Death_by_Leafs e-mailed me this suggestion for the PPP Dictionary and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you folks do as well. Rather than look upon 1967 as a burden, it should be seen as a badge of honour. It's no mean feat to stick with your team through thick and thin in a city where you are constantly told that you are defective for doing so. The time may come, it may not, but the drought is not a reflection on our quality as fans. There are none better. End of.


This is for anyone who thinks they can put us down anymore with the slur of '1967', uh-uh. Game over. You have no right to use it. That's our word now and only we can call each other that. We're taking it back.

For many years, this particular arrangement of numerals has caused the average Leaf fan to get a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye. Our frustration has been noticed by our opponents - ranging from our traditional rivals in La Belle Province to such hypothetical hockey markets as Ottawa - and has become a catchphrase of mockery. Even misanthropic local newspaper writers revel in the joyless vaccuum that has caved-in the hearts of the Leaf faithful.

But after Chicago's 2010 Stanley Cup victory, we have been passed the dubious crown of longest drought. Well, in echoing the sentiments of other users on this site, I don't wish to merely accept this distinction. This number has changed for me. I will embrace it and I will revel in it. 

And I am not alone. On this site alone, the groundswell has already started for this set of digits to no longer be a snide reference to futility. Therefore, henceforth (hencethereforth?) "1967" will represent a badge of honour:

  • "1967" is believing in something older than yourself.
  • "1967" is having pride in your city and your colours.
  • "1967" is never being a bandwagoner.
  • "1967" is remembering how close we were in 1993, and "1967" is knowing close is not good enough.
  • "1967" is wanting the ultimate prize.
  • "1967" is never holding back on this organization, and giving them shit when they pull a Rask.
  • "1967" is taking the hate and barbs of those outsiders (usually Canadians) who are just jealous of the fact that Toronto is the centre of the hockey world, and that their sad little corner of the league needs to splice-clone Lemieorr Gretzkilmourionov to get a blip on the news. Meanwhile, blurry video of Brian Burke stuck deciding between ordering New York-style or Chicago deep-dish pizza is worthy of 5 days of TV coverage and analysis.
  • "1967" is the knowledge that when the day comes, that this team's fans will come out of the shadows again, and this city will go absolutely apeshit. That the damn will burst, and the emotion of all of the long & lean years will pour out into mobs and crowds and riots and a party that no one can even imagine. Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!
  • "1967" is knowing when that day comes, we will be standing at the head of the pack chanting loudest and proudest for our team.
  • "1967" is seeing that droughts can end.
  • "1967" means glory lasts forever.  

Go Leafs Go.

  1967_medium is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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