NHL Draft Day Two

"I don't know Charles. I can get you on the show but you're not kissing Sloan."

The first day of the 2010 NHL Draft was pretty uneventful for the Maple Leafs but there certainly was some manoeuvring done league-wide. SBN sent 14 writers to the draft and the story stream of the first day is spectacular. There is a lot of video and analysis there and it's a portal to the other team sites in case you want to delve deeper.

Day two will receive the same treatment at SBN even though the next rounds of the draft will not be on TSN. If you have a stream, toss it in the comments. Be sure to ask any beat writers on Twitter how they are doing since one of my favourite memories from last year was how hungover everyone was and the sheer amount of Gatorades that were on ice for the media. It probably saved my life. Stanley Cup Phil could have used one or two when I saw him.

This will serve as the open thread for day two of the draft and I'll add a new one depending on how things go. 

Pension Plan Puppets 101 - Pension Plan Puppets
Had this up yesterday but if you missed it, check it out. Saw about a dozen people sign up so I hope it helped them and that we'll hear from them soon.

NHL, four clubs make donation for Pat Burns Arena - NHL.com
NHL teams working together to honour Pat Burns. Too bad the HHoF weren't on the same page.

2010 NHL Draft Prospects - Western College Hockey Blog
A listing of draft prospect profiles from around SB Nation

Heroes in Rehab: the blog " What Bryan Did < What Brian Did
Was the Senators deal not one of the weirdest of the night? Better no deal than a weird one.

Bitter Leaf Fan Page: Bob McKenzie's Draft Rankings - A Final
Bobby Mac is pretty good at putting together his draft rankings.

Video: Cam Fowler talks about his NHL Draft plummet - Puck Daddy
Watching Cam Fowler fall down the draft reminded me of Angelo Esposito's plummet. Except, McGuire was less upset this time.

Down Goes Brown: The 2010 NHL Draft Liveblog
If this was hand-written I think it would smell of scotch and be tear-stained. As it stands, it's funny.

Vintage Leafs: Kris King faces off against the Mighty Ducks
I played laser tag with him once. Ran into him (no running signs be damned) and almost got knocked out.

Vintage Leafs: MLG in 2010
It's on its way.

Vintage Leaf Memories: No move to the first round for the Leafs
Patience grasshoppers. Burke has lots of time to deal with Kaberle.

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