Civic Duty is Totally Rad!

So yesterday I was summonsed to the local county courthouse for one of America's longest standing and most cherished traditions; jury duty! Lame, I know. the horror stories of jury duty are widely known and involve hours upon hours of tedious boredom as potential jurors await there fate in a small room with no AC and stale donuts. This however is no horror story; it's a literary celebration.

I get up early, shower, trim the ol' beard, but on respectable clothing and get in the car to drive to the courthouse. I show up early to make sure I'm not late and so I don't have to wait in line for too long. At 8:30am the doors open, I go in through the metal detectors, and up to the potential jurors room to check in. I give her my name; Fish. SkinnyFish. A little bit of thumbing through some dot matrix printed pages and this is what I hear, "Your session has been canceled. You can go."

Civic duty fulfilled. Booyah! USA! USA! USA!

Links after the jump. Now with only 50% Kaberle content by weight!

Brian Burke versus a wheel of Brie

Blue Chip Prospects chooses Brie over Camembert.

Bettman crowned King of Hockey

Jim Kelley, no the other one, thinks players with contracts under scrutiny should be upset that their union has yet to find a leader.

The clock ticks down on Kaberle

Howard Berger wouldn't approve of this Damien Cox fan-boy blogger masquerade.

Edmonton Oilers and Capitals (baseball) President Patrick LaForge to hold diversity training for his staff and crew

This comes after Capitals manager Brent Bowers unleashed a homophobic tirade against a gay umpire in a game  on June 30th. Sucks that this was the case of it, but this kind of step by LaForge is a small one in the right direction.

Kaberle on the move question mark?


2011 Maple Leafs Point Predictions

32 games for Jeff Finger??? WTF mate?

What to expect in Brett Lebda


Remember when the Leafs traded Eddie Shack for Murray Oliver?

Well VLM does and it wasn't pretty.

Some contracts that the NHL should be reviewing

Winging it in Motown with a list that we can all agree upon.

What was wrong with the Leafs part 3: Centers

Yakov Mironov brings back the bad memories.

A buyer's guide to the remaining NHL free agents

Kyle Wellwood - Where he'd fit: Any roster with a large hole to fill.

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