To Catch A Predator

What can I say that hasn't already been said?  Dave Fuller, known Habs fan, is a jerk.  Whatever.  It should come as no surprise that the guy lacks journalistic values considering his bio page on the Toronto Sun's website includes this gem:

Less than a month after Fuller landed his first newspaper role — as sports editor of the Oakville Beaver — two local businessmen were threatening to sue him while a third wanted to punch him out.

But let's move on.  You know what I'm going to take away from this?  PPP is becoming an asset in the media realm of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  This community has grown by leaps and bounds just in the year that I've been around.  We have the sort of talent here that would make a newspaper like the Toronto Sun jealous.  Sure, we may not have press passes to the next Brian Burke presser; but who needs one of those when we can watch it on the Leafs website?  And we don't even need to show a picture of a hot babe in a bikini to get people to read our content.  Before long, we'll be seeing PPP on the TSN Trade Deadline show, talking about how that Leafs trade for Rick Nash made perfect sense.  Or Chemmy on Sportsnet (sorry dude) yelling at Nick Kypreos and Bill Watters.  At some point, these news outlets like Toronto Sun or the Star are going to realize that PPP and other blogs like it are important assets in the hockey community.  But until then....sit back, have Mom throw some pizza rolls in the oven, and for god's sake, open a window.  That basement of yours is really starting to stink.

The greatest movie trailer of all time and your Saturday links after the jump


There are no words:

GT to Wysh for bringing this to the WORLD's attention


Saturday links:

A look back at the RDO camp

New DGB.  'Nuff said.

Too early to judge Burke, but the clock may soon start ticking

Leafs HQ with some interesting thoughts on Brian Burke's reign.

12 Burning Questions:  Will Kadri crack the squad, and what impact will he have?

MLHS with ponders one of the biggest questions going into camp.

Tomas Kaberle:  If you're Dad's not happy, you're not happy.

Vintage Leaf Memories with a good piece on a certain subject in the PPP headlines.

Brian Burke tells us what the NHL will wreck next

Tyler Dellow, aka MC79, gives us his.....uh.....thoughts on Brian Burke backing the World Cup.

Best Forwards in the NHL - Normalizing Corsi

Copper and Blue with more good stuff utilizing advanced stats.

Jayting game schedule / the new girl

Arch's update on the Jayting game.

George Gross:  Founding Toronto Sun Sports Editor

Vintage Leafs found some really cool photos of Gross, who was actually Czech.

10 Ways to make hockey even more fun

Five for Fighting has a few thoughts how to make the NHL way more interesting.


If I missed your post and/or you've got a Dave Fuller rant, throw it in the comments.

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