It's Time for some Phantasy Puck

That's right ladies and gentleman, the NHL season is fast approaching and with it comes the return of the PPPPP. Last year's installment was a hit with 40 teams spread out amongst 2 divisions. This year we're looking to improve upon that success and have an even better turnout and season.

But before we get to naming our teams, we need to put our heads together and figure out what kind of Phantasy Puck we want to play. Below is a series of questions for you to answer that'll help me determine a) how many people are interested in joining the PPPPP and b) what types of drafts and leagues people are interested in partaking in.

First off, are you interested in being a part of the PPPPP? You do not have to be a Leafs fan to play; all are welcome. Our league(s) will be run using Yahoo!s fantasy engine, and you'll need a Yahoo! account to play.  Please no absentee managers for these leagues. If you join, we'd like it if you actively participated in the week in and week out goings on with your team and its league. Also, do to the large numbers of players and the turn over with managers, we will not be doing keeper leagues.


Take the jump for the rest of the PPPPP questions.

Question 2:

What type of draft would you like your league to have?

A standard draft which will randomly pick the draft order and then snake throughout the rounds (1-20 for round 1, then 20-1 for round 2, and so on)? Or would you like to try out Yahoo!s new auction draft which gives you a set amount of cash to spend on your team and lets managers bid for players? Online live draft using Yahoo!s draft manager or offline draft?

Question 3:

What type of scoring would you like your league to have?

A season long rotisserie? Weekly Head to Head scoring? Or season long fantasy points? Once scoring style is determined, we'll go into specifics of what the categories and values of each should be, but for now I'm just concerned with the style of scoring. Last year we used Head to Head.

Question 4:

Should there be limits on trades and/or moves? If so, what should they be and why?

Question 5:

What should the team sizes be? How many players of each position do you want to have on your team? How many bench and IR spots? What about minimum games played for your goalies? (Note: Keep in mind, the leagues will probably consist of 20 teams)

Lastly, since we'll have more than one league, would you be interested in being a commissioner for one of the overflow leagues? If there are enough votes for varying styles of leagues, I'll set up multiples. That is, a rotiserrie league, a Head to Head league, etc... And will need someone to run them. Keep in mind that you'll be the person in charge and will need to be active in its goings on.

So answer the questions in the comments section and we'll get this party started.

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