Notes and Photos from the Leafs - Sens Game


I have a few notes and photos from the game that would make for a long comment on the front page article that is already up, so I thought I'd still do a bit of a review of the Leafs - Sens game. Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Brian Burke was not visible in the Leafs' section for the game. It's the first game which he did not attend, as far as I know, including games that his teams did not participate in. Dallas Eakins was once again not behind the bench, but instead sat at Burke's usual chair.


Drew Paris is nearly useless. Easily the worst player on either team. At one point, he tried to make a pass to a forward in the neutral zone while standing in his own end, and whipped the puck waist high over centre ice for an icing. The Leafs were breaking out, there's no way it could have been confused for a clearing attempt. People in the stands were laughing at him like he was on a comedy tour. Although he is solid down low and has good size, opposing forwards easily out-maneuvered him. He was a liability.


Nazem Kadri adds a LOT of jump to the offense, but oh boy those turnovers. Still trying to do waaay too much on his own. I noticed him playing the point on the PP this time, which was interesting. I doubt he'd get to do much of that with the Leafs, though. He also often got knocked down multiple times on one shift. The guy still needs to be stronger to fight for pucks down low. The above photo is of Simon Gysbers' PP goal that Kadri assisted on. I can't find the puck (Editor's Note: Neither could Lehner).

Kadri lines up at the point in the last minute of play with Engelage pulled.

As Mike Liambas was getting into the box following his fight against Gryba, Kadri gave him a tap on the shin pads, and thanked him. NK really didn't want to fight Gryba - and I'm happy with that. At one point, Liambas tried to goad Jared Cowen into a fight to no avail. The guy has some kind of death wish.

Liambas keeps close to avoid being smashed to death.

Above, Cowen gives Ross a fatherly pat on the head.

I have to admit that although Cowen is very slow, he makes good decisions with the puck in terms of passing and clearing. Oh, and (I confess that this might seem obvious) he's a bulldozer down low if you're not quick enough to get away from him. He dropped Kadri pretty handily on at least one occasion.

Vying for position in front of the Ottawa net.

In the above photo are the players we had out on the ice for the last minute. #76 is Marc-André Dorion.

Marcel Mueller was responsible for two terrible mistakes which both cost us a goal. In the first, he coughed the puck up badly instead of safely clearing it, and in the third, he took a really stupid slashing penalty, going after one of the Sens players coming off the bench (leading to the 5-on-3 where they scored). He still looks good overall, though.


Jerry D'Amigo was great on the PK. I suppose this was somewhat obvious, especially given his short-handed goal, but he had great energy on each PK. His skating really shows nicely as he is very aggressive pressuring the puck carriers on the point. He was much better this game than last, but remained on the second PP unit.


This is D'Amigo's short-handed goal. You can't see the puck in this image, but it's probably under the goalie.

Sharing a larf.


Andrew Engelage turned in a good performance, but had a rough night having to kill off so many penalties. He didn't have a hope on the last two goals. It was too bad Gysbers knocked the last one in, because he's had a decent tournament as well.

This is during the last minute of play. Note that Crescenzi took the draw, not Kadri, who was on the point.

Josh Nicholls drives the net.

Shortly after the last whistle, Kadri and the rest of the Leafs look deflated. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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