Mid-Season Reports and Ways to Improve

LOS ANGELES CA - JANUARY 10: Carl Gunnarsson #36 and Mikhail Grabovski #84 of the Toronto Maple Leafs skate against the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center on January 10 2011 in Los Angeles California. The Leafs defeated the Kings 3-2. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

I'm writing this before the game last night ended so yeah, who won?

Maple Leaf Mid-Season Report Cards - James Mirtle

Jonas Gustavsson: C

More was expected from the Monster in his second season in the NHL, but it’s been an up-and-down year – with more downs lately than ups. Gustavsson’s job has been made more difficult by the fact he has had hardly any goal support much of the year and the team in front of him has been pushing to come from behind.

J-S Giguere: C

Recurring injuries have been the biggest issue for Jiggy, whose .894 save percentage is well off his career average of .913 and has generated plenty of talk he won’t be back next season. The last three months of the season are key in terms of his future in the league.

Not sure how a sub .900 goaltending tandem, the second worst tandem in the league after the now defunct Ellis-Smith combo of suck, gets an average mark but ok. Sure. Fortunately though the.............

Leafs Look To Improve - Globe and Mail

This year’s Leafs, said Hunter, were a "young team with a lot of immaturity and a lack of experience in competing, game-in and game-out. You’ve got guys that can score but haven’t always competed hard away from the puck or in front of the net. To get all these players to slowly mature and to fix the part of their games that need fixing was [the goal]. They aren’t completely fixed, but they have slowly bought into what we’re selling. "

Reimer Credits Allaire with Early Success

Makes sense with all the comparisons to an early Giguere.

Kessel Gets Taken Last in the TSN Mock Draft

I think Kessel would cry for real if that happens.

The NHL's Standard for Diagnosing Concussions

DGB taps his contacts again for insider info.

Is This All that Armstrong Is?

Karina at LeafsHQ seems to think there is more.

Where Were the Leafs on Wolski?

Not wanting to sign a crappy left winger on pace for less than 30 points? Horrible post.

The Euros of the 2011 Draft

Sleza will a good run down on the top Euros.

Half Time

Puckin' Eh with a midway look at the Leafs.

Kessel Over Grabovski?

VLM isn't buying it.

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