Stop, Move Up, Move Out, A, B, A, B, and Start.

SAN JOSE CA - JANUARY 11: The Toronto Maple Leafs bench celebrates an empty net goal in the final minute of their victory over the San Jose Sharks at HP Pavilion on January 11 2011 in San Jose California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Today's Leaf links focus on three things: Reimer (stop), the team's recent surge in the 'W' column (move up), and who will go at the trade deadline (move out). As a result, if your article was left out, don't feel bad; everyone's just writing about the same stuff these days, and it's a good thing. It means we're winning and that it's obvious why. (The flip-side to this is when everything is going wrong, and we're all trying to prescribe a fix. Let's just revel in this while it lasts.)

Check out this article from Jonas Siegel over at at AM 640. There are a few good quotes on the trade landscape, on Ronnie's 600th win, Reimer, the win-streak, as well as Crabb and Boyce. Here's a sample:

"It’ll heat up closer to the deadline, it does every year. But I don’t see a pronounced increase in activity for us. I've been working the phones really hard. Like I said the other day, my phone bill for the last two weeks could feed a small country. It’s really hard in a cap system. We haven’t been able to come up with anything that makes sense and obviously it takes some pressure off if the team is winning."

This and more, after the jump.

Leaf Links:

Reimer Earns Another Start On Thursday
That's right folks, back by popular demand is James Reimer. Oh, and Mike Brown has been cleared to play. I'd love to see him back in the lineup, but messing with winning chemistry isn't something I'd like to see Wilson do, either.

Leafs continue to ride Reimer’s hot hand - The Globe and Mail
More from Duhatschek: "That’s just common sense," explained coach Ron Wilson, of the decision to keep Reimer around. "We’ve got some momentum here. We’re not going to toy with that kind of karma."

More on Ron Wilson’s 600th win
Wilson chats with Duhatschek from The Globe and Mail about the milestone.

Video: Ron Wilson's cash-for-victory program pays off - Puck Daddy
The title more or less speaks for itself.

Talking the Toronto Maple Leafs with James Mirtle - Five For Howling
Just a quick interview from 'Yotes fans about what to expect from the Leafs.

Reimer and a three-goalie system? Three goalies didn't work in 1973-'74
VLM reminds us that a return to the Marlies will inevitably be what's best for Reimer.

Leafs of 2011 Are No Joke (Yet)
Maple Stir-up with some cautious optimism.


Other Hockey Links:


Wednesday's Three Stars
Wyshynski has his three stars, honorable mention, a 'did you know?', and a dishonorable mention.

Marc-Andre Fleury Mocks Carey Price Celebration (Video)
From Adam Gretz at NHL Fanhouse.

NHL uses video room for more than just goal reviews

Chris Johnson writes that identifying trends in the sport and looking out for problems in arenas also part of the job description. Good read.

VERSUS’ 10 Most and Least-Watched Games Through the End of 2010

Puck The Media has the list. Not too many surprises, I guess. 

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