Overheard at the Leafs vs Rangers game

So a pretty disappointing game last night, the Monster struggled, our offense sputtered, and once again our veteran defensemen showed that they aren't learning from previous mistakes; but with Gary Bettman again in attendance (he didn't get to see the Leafs fail in California),  there were some interesting conversations overheard in the stands:


A random fan:  Wow, all the bad press I have been seeing on the news really is true... the Leafs do suck!  I don't care if the Hurricanes got shutout by the Bruins by the same score the other night, I'm just going to hate the Leafs because that's what the media tells me I'm supposed to do.


Pierre Mcguire’s Interview with Boomer Esiason:


Boomer:   Yes, I play hockey, I’m pretty good.  I started up when I retired from the NFL.  I play centre,  I figure in a few more weeks maybe I’ll sign on with the Leafs and play on the Kessel line.


Conversation between Bob Costas and Gary Bettman:


Bob:  I don't know diddly squat about hockey anymore, but thank you for letting me cover the Winter Classic

Gary:  No problem Bob,  I don't know very much about hockey either,  but I'll do anything to sell this game to America

Bob:  Wow, the Rangers look really good.

Gary:  Well Bob, you just shown that you really don't know very much.  It's not that the Rangers are good, it's that the Leafs really suck.  Make sure you tell everybody.

Bob:  Ah no problem, just let me cover the All star game, I'll get the message out.  But back to the game, this 3rd period is really boring.

Gary:  It will get exciting again in a few minutes, when the Leafs engage the hate protocol.  It's my own design.  You'll see it when there is only a few minutes left.  *secret nod to Brian Burke*


*fly buzzes up to Brian Burke's private box*  Burke looks very stressed, he is red in the face, his hair is all messy, and he has loosened his tie. No words are spoken (he doesn't have any real friends),  but you can see Burke furiously typing a text message into his blackberry. 


*fly buzzes down to the Leafs bench* 

Tim Hunter:  *looking up from his blackberry*  Ron, looks like project Waffle-zulu-1 is a go.  I recognize this instruction from my time with the Flames.

Ron Wilson:  *sighs and taps Colton Orr on the shoulder*.  Alright, there's only 2 minutes left in the game...Colton  go out there and do something really fucking stupid;  if you don't you'll only get 4 minutes of ice time vs. the Ducks.

Colton Orr:  *thinks to himself*  damn, my fist still hurts from kicking Boulton's ass in Atlanta,  I guess I'll have to use my stick.   *storms out on to the ice* HULK SLASH!


Orr got a minute major slashing penalty, a game misconduct, and is likely going to be suspended.  Way to go Colton,  you did Mr. Bettman proud! is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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