The Idiot Brigade

FYI: I'm going to rant again.  Fair warning.

How DARE the Leafs win games like they've done before this last week?
How DARE the Leafs show flashes of brilliance and potential?

Don't they know the season's over for them?

Don't they know "next year" doesn't start for several months?

Don't they know it's a lost cause?  A hopeless charge towards 9th place that they'll STILL manage to lose out to on the last game of the season thereby giving Boston a better draft pick ("BLARG! KESSEL TRADE! BLARG! TRADING AWAY THE FUTURE! BLARG!", etc)?
Meet me after the jump.
(P.S.: I get bitter and spiteful towards everyone; no offence intended... unless it was directed at you)

We are all RETARDED.

We have to be.  Come on.  We cheer for a team that hasn't won since before most of us were born.  We idolize players that, in their BEST days, didn't even get to the Cup final (fuck Kerry Fraser).  We all drinnk from the Idiot Juice and come back for seconds.

So what?
Anyone that knows me in real life knows me as being "too depressing and boring to be with" (actual quote from an ex girlfriend... long story how I proved THAT wrong...), but when it comes to the Leafs, I have undying hope.


Pessimism and reality.

But still hope.

This year SHOULD be lost. Probably IS lost.  DEFINATELY is lost... except...

Remember when even Cory Schwab went something like 9-0-2 (don't qoute me, I'm making a point)?

He fucked us out of a decent draft pick.

But we all still hoped against hope we'd make the playoffs.


Remember when everyone bashed Quinn for bringing in Roberts and Corson and Tucker and everyone when we were under performing during the regular season (I'm making another point, don't remind me that the initial signings were greated with cheers)?

Remember how everyone wanted Kessel's head after his slump?

Idiots on all counts.

Quinn built a team for the playoffs, not the regular season.

Kessel scored again.

Cory Schwaab... he kinda fucked us over.  But he's got a goofy looking nose, so that hinders him for the rest of his life.


We all hope for next year.  Idiots.

We all hope that whoever we can ply out of free agency fits what we need.  Idiots.

We all TRULY believe that SOME DAY the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup.


How dare we not believe that's now?


If we're going to be idiots and totally irrational in our blind faith, let's go all the way!

Six points out of 7th with a game in hand on that 7th place team.

Looking at the schedule... we can still hope against hope for a tie for 8th and a striking distance at seventh by the end of next week.



All we have is hope and faith and lunacy.  And Boyce's high kicks.

Let's all stop being rational for a minute.
*I* know how ridiculous the idea of us making the playoffs looks.  But...

Why not think about how awesome it would be if we did?  And THEN went on a run (nevermind the one we'd need to get in there to begin with).

This is OBVIOUSLY a lost cause.  We WON'T make the playoffs and we WILL fall backwards from this progress next year.  That's what the Leafs do, right?  Don't these guys know how the story unfolds?  Don't they get that it's all over now?

...On the other hand...

...What if they don't?

...Do we (as fans) get that?

Idiot Brigade

(either us or them, take your pick) is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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