Links For A Lazy Sunday

Some of the sweetest mornings come right after a Leaf win. You stretch out on the couch, and get so lazy that you wind up watching entire half hour highlight shows five times in a row just because you know that you won't get tired of seeing your team win all over again. It's hard to get bored of watching the Leafs win a game like they did last night.

Mundane as they are, I am even happy to read Dion Phaneuf's thoughts on the game, which naturally come to us via our favorite beat reporter, James Mirtle:

"We didn't have much option," captain Dion Phaneuf said of the third-period rally, calling it "the biggest period" he's been part of in Toronto. "We knew where we were, we knew where they were in the standings and we knew what points were on the line. There was no other way. We talked about it [in the intermission], we said we had to throw everything we had at them and we did.

"It's a huge character win, shows what kind of group that we have and feels really good."

Let's just let this win soak in for a while, and enjoy the feeling while it lasts. More links after the jump.

Leaf Links:

Reimer: "Game 1 of the playoffs for us"

What the hell is with this team!? Are we on the lunar calendar or something!? We're drafting during Free Agency, we're in the playoffs when everyone else is in the regular season, and we're still outside the top eight? This link is to a Jonas Siegel article, by the way.

Teachers' Move Closer To MLSE Sale

A three-reporter effort from Tara Perkins, Dave Shoalts, and Michael Grange.

Game In 10 In 69

The latest recap from Xterratu at LeafsHQ.

3rd Jersey Options

Jeffler has some good suggestions for the Leafs' third jersey. I like some of them more than the Leafs' current getup.

Thoughts on last night's showdown

Michael Langlois over at VLM has some thoughts on how the Leafs responded to pressure individually as well as a team.

Other Hockey Links:

Don Cherry calls out Habs owners and corporate whiners

"How about VIA Rail? What a phoney they are jumping on the bandwagon. And Air Canada, you should be ashamed of yourself. By the way, where are their corporate headquarters? We know where they are — Montreal."

Saturday's Three Stars

I'll confess to being somewhat irritated by the fact that no Leaf made the top three, but several got honorable mentions. The latest from Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy.

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