The Missing Flyers Post: A Last Hurrah? Or a New Beginning?



I realize that I am rarely heard from in GDT's or regular posts.  In some ways it's time contraints, and in other ways, it's just sheer intimidation at the vast amount of hockey knowledge that pervades this site.  But somehow, I feel I've carved my own little niche.  I'm not sure that a fanpost is the best venue for my work, and would invite your feedback. Here is what I had wanted to post before last week's Flyers game, but ended up working a double.  Many thanks to those who have received my past work with enthusiasm. 


Dedicated to FLYERROB


Daniel Carcillo considered himself a Zherdevil-may-care ladies' man. Even though he could never grow a full playoff Briered, instead settling for a Ville moustache. Despite all that, Dan thought that none of the women in Philly quite met his standards. Basically, they were a waste if his Timonen. That was until the night he met Shelley.

She was standing at the Bartulis at O'Donnell's, Danny's favourite steakhouse, drinking a Laperriere. She had long, Leino legs, and body Meszaros that wouldn't quit. Her golden locks were cut in a cute Bobrovsky that Carcillo found irresistable. God, she even smelled lke Laviolettes. Powe! Danny was in love.

He found a table for them in a secluded corner, and showered her with champagne and attention. He told her of his flashy Carter impress her. He Betts her that he was probably Richards than all the other Boyntons in the place. Finally, Dan invited her back to his place.

When they got back to his place, Carcillo thought his Hartnell was going to leap from his chest. Her kisses Coburned down to his very soul. He practically ripped the clothing from her body, and she did the same to his. But it was then that he got the Girouxdest shock of his life. Horrified, his manhood shrivelled into a limplittle Nodl as his eyes locked on what had to the biggest Pronger he'd ever seen. He was stunned. It was a complete Boucher to his senses. It was then that Shelley broke the silence.

"Oh Versteeg's sake Danny!" Her lips Carled into a big Holmgren as she tried to Holmstrom back laughter. "You mean it took you this long to realize I was a TransRiemsdyk?!" is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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