Stayin' Alive

Pretty tired today, so I'm just going to skip the foreplay and get right to the links. Jeff Blair's article in the Globe and Mail kicks things off with an interesting side story about Reimer:

The way the story goes, Reimer heard through the "grapevine" that somebody (maybe with the Tampa Bay Lightning) had told somebody with the Hurricanes that he was "just another Francois Allaire goalie" or words to that effect.

"To say something like that … it gives you extra motivation," said Reimer, who was pulled after allowing five goals in a 6-2 loss to the Lightning on Monday. "It’s all part of the game, trash-talking. But to minimize what he’s done, I mean, he’s a great coach. Just look at his track record."

Jump for more good stuff from the Globe, Behind the Net, and all the usual suspects.

Leaf Links:

Phaneuf, Leafs Live To Fight Another Day
Jonas Siegel with some quotes and a recap.

Nonis, Blake to oversee Team Canada
Hockey Canada announces Maple Leafs executive will be joined by former NHL defenceman for Canada's world hockey championship contingent in Slovakia next month. Story from Chris Johnston at the Globe and Mail.

Phaneuf's big night triggers hope - and some great Maple Leaf playoff memories
Michael Langlois over at VLM gets a little wistful, remembering the days when 'playoff hope' was a more regular occurrence.

Post Game Thoughts – Leafs vs. Canes
From Jeffler at LeafsHQ.

Douggie's Milk Commercial
Karina at Frivolous Ornamentation with the link.

Other Hockey Links:

The League of Extraordinary Statisticians: The Defensemen - Behind The Net
Another article over at Behind the Net looks at defensive defensemen, and whether they can match the contributions of their offensive-minded counterparts.

Skating Patterns for Duncan Keith and Nicklas Lidstrom
At Behind the Net geoffbok continues to put his iPad to good use.

Shooting Percentage Suppression
Good stuff from Rob Vollman, our third link from Behind the Net.

The value of a draft pick
Jibblescribbits with an interesting attempt to assign value to picks. His system doesn't make the Kessel trade look very good, but then, I don't think it's really an appropriate tool to judge said deal.

NHL's revised concussion protocol to take immediate effect
Excellent, I think, to bump up the stringency of concussion tests, but is this enough?

Wednesday’s Three Stars
Sean Leahy with the latest installment. Dion gets the second star.

NHL suspends Dany Heatley two games for elbow on Steve Ott
He should have been suspended for longer than two games.



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