When In Doubt, Talk About Reimer

ST PAUL, MN - MARCH 22: A Toronto Maple Leafs fan celebrates the Leafs 3-0 shut out over the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center on March 22, 2011 in St Paul, Minnesota. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

With the Leafs on the road out West and having a couple days off, news on the subject of this team has slowed down considerably. The only article today from our usual lineup for mainstream media writers about the Leafs comes from Jonas Siegel, as he writes about how J.S. Giguere sees a lot of himself in Reimer:

"He reminds me a lot of me when I was his age," said Giguere. "When I see him at 22, it’s what I feel I maybe was like... I was able to seize my chance and stick with it... We had just a young team, a bunch of guys called up from the minors and I was lucky to have that chance."

Although we're a bit thin on Leaf news for now, I've got a slew of good links on other issues from around the league that are definitely worth checking out, so follow me over the jump for more.


Leaf Links:

Team Effect: Just how good has Reimer been?
Alec Brownscombe over at MLHS has a few numbers to consider.

Game #74 Scoring Chances: Maple Leafs @ Wild
The latest from Slava Duris at The Leafs Nation.

Dion Phaneuf at 82 Games
How has he fared thus far? Matt Bracken at MLHS has a few thoughts.


Other Hockey Links:

Recchi: Canadiens embellished Pacioretty’s injury for Chara case
Wyshynski has transcribed some of the Recchi interview, but also has a link to the audio as well. If you haven't heard this already check it out.

DGB on The Agenda with Steve Paikin
Haven't seen it yet, but I am definitely going to. Paikin is a smart man, and usually has a good panel for his debates.

Next test for NHL on discipline comes in the off-season
"If a player or players are subject to repeat disciplinary procedures that result in supplemental discipline, it will be the club, and perhaps the coach, that will be held responsible," Bettman said in Florida." From Chris Johnson at the Globe and Mail.

When sponsors face off with the NHL, the empowered fan wins
"...if the league wants to use social media to promote the league, it must also be prepared for a conversation on more serious issues. Air Canada and VIA are betting on the public interest in continuing that conversation." From David Finch and Norman O'Reilly at the Globe and Mail.

The Geoffrion names lives on: homegrown Blake Geoffrion steps up in Nasvhille
Michael Langlois of VLM with a look back on a Habs great, this time.

(4) Vincent Lecavalier v. (13) Danny Briere
At The Copper & Blue, Scott Reynolds is comparing some of the worst contracts in the NHL.

Frequently Asked Questions #11: Luck in the NHL
Hawekchuk again responds to questions about the employ of the term "luck" in his statistical analysis.

Top 7 -- Not much time left
Zac Mills, over at Delayed Offside, is already looking ahead to playoff matchups.

Wednesday’s Three Stars
More from Wyshynski at Puck Daddy.

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